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Aquatic Plants

Bucephalandras the most magnificent plants for Aquascape

by Allyson Dillera Collaborator 10 Jun 2016 0 Comments

Buce Plants For Aquarium or Fish Tank Decoration

Bucephalandra Plant

Native to Borneo, Bucephalandra is one of the most magnificent varieties of aquarium plants online found in aquascapes. Bucephalandras are primarily found by rivers and streams and derives.

These hardy plants are capable of growing both submerged in water, and by the banks, which makes them a popular choice for paludariums, a style of aquascaping which emanates tropical environments in which above sea-level forestry meets small bodies of water.

They can also be grown with little, or an excess of light, which makes them easy to integrate into an already established aquascape.

Varying in colour and shape, Buce Plants are one of the most popular and versatile additions to any aquascape.

There is a multitude of varieties, from Bucephalandra Kedagang Red, Bucephalandra Helena to Bucephalandra brownie ghost, Bucephalandra Achilles and thousands of other Bucephalandra species more.

Bucephalandra Plant

These are exceptionally colourful plants, featuring reddish, pink stems and glossy green leaves in even the dullest varieties. These plants are relatively new to aquascaping, and while highly sought after, are rare and exceptional items worth collecting.

Buce Plant

Bucephalandras are primarily imported from Borneo and farms in Jakarta and are similar to Anubus in appearance. All Bucephalandras are endemic, which means they grow in specific, isolated areas.

Bucephalandra aquarium

For this reason, new species of Bucephalandra are still being discovered. They can be found growing in dense mats over stones in streams and can add a beautiful texture and depth to a well-designed aquascape.

Bucephalandra fish tank

 Their introduction into the market hints towards an exciting new trend in aquascaping. Beautiful as they are, they require little attention and are one of the most demanding plants available for aquascapes.


aquarium Plant


Aquatic Plant


Bucephalandra Plant for decoration


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Bucephalandra Black Velvet


Images source: Vasteq  



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