Amazing Planted Aquascape


As the guides usually suggest, it is more beneficial to a fish tank to have live plants used instead of artificial plastic plants due to the reason that balance in the ecosystem should be maintained. Not only that it provides balance, but live plants can also produce food for the fishes or shrimps inside the tank. With that, it is great to see bonsai plants used inside a fish tank in a manner that is beneficial to the marine animals but also provides a great view of the fish tanks. So here are a few of those stunning bonsai aquascape:


 This is one example of a heavily planted fish tank that includes java moss, micro sword, anarcharis and driftwood

best aquarium plants

Credits to aquascapinglove


Looking stunning with java moss and small driftwood depicting a forest vibe to the fish tank

Credits to Widex Sastrosudjono


 Java moss wrapping the driftwood which appears to be a small lagoon

Credits to Sim Kian Hong

 A view of an enchanted forest covered by moss and some live plants that enhanced the picture

Credits to Matthew Israel O. Manes

Dark forest themed java moss-filled driftwood  

Credits to Yang Yufan

 Ferns, sword plants, driftwood, making a great view of down under vibe

Credits to Antonio Nikolic

 Nice forest with lush greens through a bedrock of stones

Credits to Ittipong Deewan

 Heavily planted fish tank with all sorts of moss and some rotala indica

Credits to Gregory Thom E Silva

 Small driftwood wrapped with java moss

Credits to Jirapong Laopiyasukol

 Moss all around and some green plants like fanwort are great ornaments to driftwood

Credits to Omar Benziane

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