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Ludwigia Mini Super Red Care, Characteristics and Benefit

by Allyson Dillera 20 Nov 2019 0 Comments

Ludwigia Mini Super Red Care

Want to create an interesting reddish midground or background in your tank?

One of the most popular aquarium plants for serious hobbyists is the Mini Super Red Ludwigia. They might be a smaller species than most Ludwigias, but they make it up for it through their striking red colour, which is ideal for middle or background aquascape.

The mini super red is known to thrive under medium lighting but for it to reach its full potential of complete, intense red colouration, it is advised to use higher lighting as well as optimal supplementation.


Know More About Mini Super Red Ludwigia

Known as Ludwigia Mini Super Red, this colourful aquatic trailing plant came from the Onagraceae family and the Ludwigia genus. It is very similar to Ludwigia “Rubin” except that the mini super red has smaller, and thinner leaves.

It has small, pointed, and rounded leaves that grow alternately opposite throughout its stem. This prolific growing plant produces side shoots that can be replanted. They can grow as high as 6 inches or 15cms., sometimes even taller.

The super red Ludwigia is very easy to care for and is undemanding. With the proper care, it can flourish, especially since it can ramify well and can display prolific growth in ideal conditions.

While it does not need CO2 supplementation to survive, it will achieve its optimal growth and potential when carbon dioxide supplementation is used.


Mini Super Red Ludwigia

What’s Good About Having The Mini Super Red Ludwigia In Your Aquarium?

They Grow Fast.

Unlike other aquarium plants, the growth rate of the mini super red is incredibly fast. Additionally, they can withstand the pressure and abuses brought about by shipping. Reviews from previous buyers prove that while the plant itself may wither from the effects of shipping, including fallen leaves, it can easily go back to its original beauty once you put it in ideal conditions.

They Are Ideal For Aquascapes

Whether in the middle or in the background, the mini super red Ludwigia will surely add character to your aquascapes. It can be used for accents, midground, background, or Nano tanks. It can likewise act as a protective cover for fry and other aquarium surfaces.

They Are Prolific Growers

With just a bit of tender loving care, the mini red Ludwigia can propagate quite impressively. All you need to do is to take some cuttings from the main stem, and then replanting it in the substrate. Of course, a little help from plant supplements goes a long way for this hardy, and fast-growing plant. 


How To Take Care Of Your Mini Super Red Ludwigia?

We may have mentioned earlier that this plant is undemanding, but that doesn’t mean that we must not take care of this beautiful plant. With the right nutrient levels and proper aquarium conditions, the mini super red Ludwigia can display its extraordinary radiant red beauty.

Here are some care guidelines for better results:

Proper Water Temperature

To keep the mini super red Ludwigia in optimal condition, make sure that the right water temperature is attained. According to experts, the ideal temperature for the plant to thrive is between 64° - 82° F (18° - 28° C).

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Ideal pH Levels

There are so many factors in bringing a balanced and healthy environment in our aquariums. One of which is the pH level of the water. Like most freshwater aquarium plants, the mini super red Ludwigia is comfortable at a pH level of between 5.0-7.0, which is close to the neutral level.

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Lighting Levels

In order to witness the intense bright red colouration of the mini super red Ludwigia, it should be under high lighting. It will likewise maintain its red colouration if subjected to high lighting. However, for those who want a lesser degree of colouration, medium or moderate lighting is highly recommended.

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Best Tank Companions

To best enjoy the different hues of all the live elements in your aquarium, the mini super red Ludwigia complements the following aquatic plants:

  • Microsorum Pteropus Narrow Leaf.
  • Hygrophila balsamica

You also need to consider that as we enjoy looking at the colourful aquascape of our tank,  fish are also attracted to these kinds of plants. The more aggressive fish often show their appreciation by disrupting the aquascape, toiling the soil, and eating the plants. So, it is highly recommended to make sure that the right kind of fish and plants go together.


How To Shop For The Right Mini Super Red Ludwigia

In purchasing these kinds of plants, it is best to find ones with healthy leaves and those with bright red colours. Damaged or broken leaves are presumed to be infested or might carry a disease of some kind. Putting them in your aquarium might affect or contaminate the other fish and plants there.

It is likewise advisable to buy the younger plant since it can easily adapt and stabilise to its new environment. Also, consider the size of your tank when choosing how much mini super red Ludwigia you will purchase since it is known to propagate considerably well.


Where To Shop For The Mini Super Red Ludwigia

The aquatic plant that we have mentioned, the mini super red Ludwigia is known to be a real eye-catcher in any aquarium. This popular stem plant can give contrast and complement other companion plants if properly arranged.

Because of the advancement in technology and the wonders of horticulture, we are seeing the best of what aquascape can offer. At present, the aquascape industry is doing hybrid procedures to provide you with the best plants that will surely make your tank alive and full of colour.

If you happen to reside anywhere in Australia, you can go ahead and order online at microaquaticshop.com.au, Your fish will love it, and your aquarium will get the aesthetic you are looking for!


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