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Moss Ball Tree Ecosphere Using Marimo Moss Balls Tree - Step by Step Guide

by Allyson Dillera 02 Oct 2019 0 Comments

What is Ecosphere?

Moss Ball Tree EcosphereAs the word dictates, Ecosphere refers to a miniature ecosystem created in a closed aquarium. Aquatic enthusiast finds the idea of creating a closed ecosystem interesting and are always keen to self create the miniature aquatic world. This hobby brings the aquatic world to your room and makes it more natural, livelier and soothing to look at.

How To Make Moss Ball Tree Ecosphere?

If you are one of those nature’s child, then this Moss Ball Tree Ecosphere video is a DIY treat that you can try at home and make an ecosphere of your own in a short time. Here we are going to give you a quick guide to create a moss ball tree ecosphere using Marimo Moss Balls. It will add life and a touch of nature to your ecosphere

Marimo Moss Ball

Marimo moss balls are attractive and pleasant to look at. This aquatic plant is more like algae and is also famously known as Lake Ball, Cladophora ball, moss ball or Mossimo. It has a velvety appearance and grows in a form of balls which makes its appearance more likable and beautiful. This alga was first discovered in Lake ZellAustria by Anton E. Sauter in 1820. The Japanese botanist Takiya Kawakami named it Marimo in 1898. Here, Mari refers to a bouncy play ball and Mo refers to aquatic plants. These rare algae generally grow as fluffy balls in densely regions or free-floating filaments in a carpet form on the lake's bottom. It also grows on the shaded parts of rocks. 

Marimo balls serve the purpose well while creating an ecosystem as it is very low maintenance and needed a cooler temperature, away from light. Because of its unique look, it can be used in various ways. You can use it to carpet the aquarium or make driftwood trees or simply put these fluffy balls directly. Its growth rate is very slow so you might want to buy sufficient before getting into this DIY. It can even survive for a century when taken care of well and are liked by most of the aquatic creatures. The most important benefit of using marimo moss balls is that it is almost impossible to kill this plant unless you keep it in a high amount of chlorine water, cesspool or saltwater. Thus freshwater is required to keep it living and flourishing. Also, make sure to keep goldfish away from it as it may eat it. Apart from these few things, marimo moss balls almost require no maintenance. It helps oxygenate your aquaspace, helps with the nitrogen cycle and cleans water. 

Create a driftwood tree using moss balls and place it along with stones, sand, and snails underwater in a glass container. Also, remember to soak moss balls into the water for a day or two before use. Watch this video to get step by step procedure of creating your ecosphere. With the following few things by your side, you will be able to create a mesmerizing aquatic ecosphere for your living space.


What do you need to make Moss Ball Tree Ecosphere?

Things Needed For Making Moss Ball Tree Ecosphere:

We are sure you will give this Moss ball tree ecosphere a try if you have made it this far. So watch this video and satisfy your creative appetite. Give your room a much-needed change and vitality.

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