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10 Mystery Snail Facts You Didn't Know

by Catherine Tran 10 Jun 2023 0 Comments

10 Mystery Snail Facts You Didn't Know

Mysterious snails are fascinating creatures. While one wouldn't think that snails would be enjoyable to look at, they exhibit many intriguing traits and personalities that are sometimes hilarious and sometimes bizarre. So, here are ten interesting, mysterious facts about snails that you didn't know you needed to know!

**The snail shell grows by adding new material only at the edges. This is called conchiolin.

Mystery Snail Package

**When moist, Shells grow faster because water facilitates expansion and contraction.

**The shell of a mysterious snail will have circles. These rings become more obvious during water parameter fluctuations. The ring will become larger and darker. To keep the crust looking perfectly clean, the water source must be as stable as possible.

**Mystery snails need a pH of at least 7 for their shells to grow and stay strong. They also need access to various calcium-rich foods and calcium supplements, such as bones, to keep their shells healthy.

Chestnut Mystery Snails

**Do mystery snails reproduce asexually?

Snails do not reproduce asexually; They are also not hermaphrodites and require both males and females of the same species to produce fertile nests. There is a very common misconception that mysterious snails are hermaphroditic and asexual, but this is not true.

Without any male genetic material, the female will still lay eggs, but these eggs are not fertile and will quickly begin to rot.

**Mysterious Snorkel

The mysterious snorkel of snails is a unique feature they possess. It is a long tube that goes from the shell's opening just behind its left eye. This tube allows them to breathe without leaving the water.

Olive Jade Mystery Snails

If you look closely, you can observe that the water expands on the surface and actually pushes the water out of the tube before it lets air in, and then the tubes fill up with water again when they put the water back in.

**The mysterious snail's breathing tube can also be unreasonably long for some snail species, reaching up to 2-3 times their body length. It can be shocking when you first see it fully expanded.

** Can the mysterious snail turn over?

Mysterious snails are perfectly capable of flipping themselves if they're lying on their backs. If the snail doesn't seem interested or has problems, it could be due to another reason, such as stress or caution. It gets the most attention when putting it on a new tank.

Just be sure never to pull a screw that is being sucked into the glass or anything else. This can flatten the shell in your back muscles and kill your snail. The best way to remove a snail is to gently poke its leg until it retracts and carefully shake its shell.

Rare Ivory Mystery Snails

**Mysterious snail eats fish poop

The mysterious snail is called a scavenger. This means they eat any fish food that falls to the bottom of the tank as well as leftovers. They will also eat algae, both diatoms and green hair algae.

But do they eat fish poop? Absolutely not. You won't find any snails or dung-eaters. Sorry, you'll need to rely on plants, filters, and manual shovelling to eliminate the waste!

** Mysterious snails can live in cold water

The mysterious snail is not a tropical creature. They can survive water temperatures as low as 45°F but prefer temperatures between 70 and 50 degrees Celsius for optimal growth and health.

Cold water above hibernation will slow their growth and considerably extend their lifespan. However, their activity will drop to almost zero.

Gold Mystery Snail

** How often do mysterious snails mate?

These snails will try to climb any snail they see. If you have a male and female mystery snail, you will see the male on the female's right shoulder more often.

** Mysterious snail shells change color

You may notice your mysterious snail shell changing color. Mysterious snail shells will change color rapidly as they age. Young snails tend to be much more colourful than older snails, and the colour range of a snail is very diverse.

Their shells can also change color dramatically based on the water parameters in your tank. If their shell color changes suddenly, don't panic and assume it's dead or dying.

Very rarely, Sometimes, a snail will develop three colors or even more at once. Sometimes it is a sign of bad water perimeter, and the dominant color will eventually regain after the water is cleaned.

Brown/Black Mystery Snails

** Mysterious shell erosion

The mysterious snail shell is said to be hard and strong. If the shell is soft, brittle, and looks corroding, it means the water is too acidic and needs to be hardened.

Snails need abundant calcium and calcium-rich hard water to have a hard and healthy shell.

Your mystery snail is always growing a new shell on top of an old one. If the water parameters fluctuate or change frequently, you can see the difference in erosion, like tree rings on bark. This can also affect the color.

** Mysterious snail loves to be floating!

Did you know that sometimes snails like to have a little fun? Right! It is also very fascinating to watch. Sometimes they will hover around, carried lazily by currents. Other times they will use your bubbler to soar and parachute back to the bottom of the tank.

These snails are more active than many people think, and they love to have a good time now and then. Now is your turn to choose your snail. Contact us if you need more help. 

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