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Beginners Guide

10 Unique Freshwater Tank Ideas

by Alexcel Lorin John Collaborator 09 Aug 2020 0 Comments

Aquascaping is no longer a new idea and there are a lot of options for a new fish tank owner how to set up the fish tank according to the available resources. Not all the time that the fish tank is in the living room, there are other places in the house where it can be at and the setup could still end up stunning. Here are some of the best options to pick from:


Using fish tank as an office table

Credits to decoist


The vertical fish tank below a clock

Credits to decoist


Round glass coffee table

Credits to decoist


On top of your bed

Credit to homedit


Aquarium Sink

Credit to homedit


Aquarium at the staircase

Credits to Imgur


R2D2 Fish Tank

Credits to John from Flickr


Fish tank toilet

Credits to buzzfeed


Fish tank on top of a piano

Credits to cheezburger


Through a comfy couch

Credits to cheezburger

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