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by JennyAquarium 08 Aug 2023 0 Comments


I've had 10 fish in my Aquarium for a year and don't have to be concerned about their sudden departure.
I imagined that growing ornamental fish for leisure would make me feel less lonely after school and work. And purchase a plethora of accessories and decorative plants to adorn the Aquarium. However, it takes approximately 2-3 days for the Fish to die and reappear in the Aquarium.
However, after consulting with Shop Micro Aquatic, I purchased an aquarium aerator. My fish have always been healthy since then since there is enough of oxygen to breathe. I succeeded, and I'm confident you will as well. microaquaticshop

Fish are aquatic species, why need aeration?

Fish are aquatic, but they don't breathe underwater like we do. They breathe oxygen dissolved in the water through the gills of the fish. The gill is also the vessel that absorbs oxygen from the water and releases carbon dioxide.
In an aquarium, if there are too many fish, the dissolved oxygen in the water will not be adequate for the fish to breathe, as well as if the tank is too small and there are different types of filters.

The oxygen aerator's powerful effects

Aeration has the effect of providing oxygen for fish to breathe: helps fish limit coming to the surface, thereby helping fish breathe well and grow healthy.
Aeration acts to help cleanse water by filtering rubbish, cleansing water sources, concentrating garbage in the aquarium, and assisting in the speedy cleaning and clearing of garbage.
Aeration has a cosmetic effect: in addition to assisting fish in breathing and cleaning the tank, aeration serves as a decoration to make the aquarium appear more vibrant and alive.

Is it required to purchase Aeration for the Aquarium?

Tip for you: 03 techniques to determine whether your aquarium requires Aeration or not.

  1. If your aquarium contains a wide variety of fish and aquatic life that is densely packed in relation to the tank's size, you will require a big capacity Aeration system to keep the fish and aquatic life from becoming suffocated due to a lack of oxygen.
  2. If your aquarium has a moderate number of fish and aquatic animals compared to the area of the tank, you also need medium Aerator. However, just buy a machine with moderate capacity.
  3. If you have a small aquarium but there is more algae and the number of fish is also dense compared to the volume of the tank, you can learn about a mini Aerator.

And if you only keep a few aquarium fish, say "no" Aeration for the aquarium.

Should I get an aeration machine?

In general, when you want to raise a pet, especially ornamental fish, investing in the aquarium with aquatic plants, air purifiers, accessories, a green environment, and good living conditions helps maintain health for healthy fish. It all depends on your finances and the number of Fish in your Aquarium.

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