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Beginners Guide

Benefits Of Java Fern - Java Moss For Newbie.

by Catherine Tran 21 Aug 2023 0 Comments

Hello, welcome back to the great part - MAS blog post ️🎉️🎉️🎉️🎉️

If you are new here, welcome to the aquarium store that has everything for your aquarium from pea puffer, German blue rams, red cherry shrimp, pleco, java fern, java moss, mystery snails,...

If you are reading this article, this means you're probably looking for the “national aquarium plant” in the aquarium stores that almost every aquarist from beginners to experts has in their tanks.

I'm talking about Java Fern and Java Moss - national aquarium plants for everyones.

Today I'm gonna share with you the great benefits of 2 popular plants that you can add to your tank today.

Follow me and we'll check the benefit #1.

Create a suitable natural environment for tropical fish.


Java Fern and Java Moss help create an environment close to the wild, and now you can have that natural environment right in your tank.

Tropical fish can be mentioned as most types of Tetra, freshwater snails, guppies, pleco, ...

I have some suggestions for you when decorate Java in the tank:

You can plant Java Fern and Java Moss on structures such as stone, wood, or decorations on the bottom of the tank.

They are more suitable for planting in driftwood than in substrate, so they are easy for you to design as you like.

With an Aquarium Cyanoacrylate Glue, you can put the plant in any position on the driftwood.

And believe me, they will live very well, they even grow many seedlings when you give them objects to cling to.

I'll leave the link to buy Aquarium Cyanoacrylate Glue here, check it out!


Benefit #2: Provides shelter for fish.

Aquarium fish often need a hiding place that helps them feel safe and natural and also to avoid being chased by other aggressive fish.

If your tank has a lot of fish and shrimp, now you have 2 options:

Add Java Fern and Java Moss to have more hiding places - simple, inexpensive and quick to operate.

Buy another tank and keep aggressive species separate - spend much time on tank maintenance.

Fortunately, Java Fern and Java Moss create ideal hiding areas for fish to feel safe in.

Shrimp and fish also often choose moss canopy to spawn.

Java Moss is a favourable environment for the newly hatched fry to hide and find small food, which improves the survival rate of the fry higher than when growing other plants.

Benefit #3 Improves water quality.


Java Fern and Java Moss can absorb fish waste, ammonia and nitrate in the tank water, improving water quality.

Java Fern and Java Moss help maintain an ecological balance in your aquarium, helping to limit algae growth and ensure clean water.

This helps prevent algae overgrowth and maintains a stable environment for the aquarium fish.

Benefit #4: Create a natural food source.

Java Moss is a natural food source for algae-eating shrimp.

You will always find algae-eating shrimps busy all day with their algae picking, they love to climb the foliage of java moss sometimes they watch the world and also probe what predators are around their area to earn a living.

Java moss and algae-eating shrimp are such an inseparable choice that most of the customers at Micro Aquatic Shop bought them together.

Before talking about the 5th benefit, I want to show you what customers have review after buy Java Fern - Java Moss at aquarium store - Micro Aquatic Shop:




Benefit #5: Easy care for and maintenance.

Even those who have never grown aquatic plants can easily successfully grow Java Fern and Java Moss in their aquariums.

Easy care and good growth can help you in propagation without any technical difficulties.


You can propagate Java Fern through branching or bush splitting.

While Java Moss is usually propagated by dividing the cotton.

Both of these plants are capable of propagating both tangible (through mature plants) and invisible (via spore or grass stalks), providing diverse breeding opportunities.

And those are the great benefits that Java Fern and Java Moss bring to your aquarium tank.

Just click here now or you can visit the store at:

Micro Aquatic Shop - Aquarium Store Near Me.

Unit 15, 2-8 Daniel Street, Wetherill Park, NSW 2164

Customer support: (02) 8320 3037


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