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Hey, I'm Looking For Yellow Shrimp For Sale At The Aquarium Store Near Me.

by Catherine Tran 21 Aug 2023 0 Comments

In this article, I'll talk about yellow shrimp for those who are beginners in their aquarium and don't know how to start.

There are too many problems for newbies to keep aquarium fish and they always have to scour a lot of information sources on social media to ensure the right choice.

If you're reading, I'm sure you're looking to know more about yellow shrimp and maybe add it to your tank in the future.

I'll tell you interesting facts about yellow shrimp and why you should start your shrimp tank today.

(yes, you don't have to wait anymore, you don't have to spend a lot of time looking for more information from CHAT GPT)

Follow me and let's go to the first reason, why should yellow shrimp be kept?


Yellow shrimp are an easy species to care for and they are appreciated by many expert aquarists for their quick reproduction, easy adaptation and low maintenance, healthy and low morbidity.

I won't say much about their appearance because they will attract you at first sight, making you unable to take your eyes off their red-yellow colour.

Their colours are found in the wild and people have brought them back to the purebred in freshwater tanks - that's the shrimp you see below.


“What should I prepare to raise them easily?”

Nothing complicated for you at all.

Let's start with a 10-gallon tank for 5-7 yellow shrimps, with this amount you can have a ratio of both male and female to increase their breeding.

Unlike someone who tries to sell everything that they don't need for your aquarium tank, I always advise my clients to start simply when they are newbies to the aquarium industry.

And you can upgrade your game over time when you are already an aquarist and can already profit from your tank.

Well, that's a matter of the future….

Let's go back to the present and start with a 10-gallon tank, 5-7 yellow shrimps today.


I will give you the price list of some online aquarium shops selling yellow shrimp, you can view it for free, just click on the shop name.

Micro Aquatic Shop - 7.00AUD - 1pc

All Fish 2u - 7.95AUD - 1pc

Live Fish - 9.98AUD - 1pc

Nature Aquariums - 9.95AUD - 1pc

Aquaholics - 8.07AUD - 1pc

7Fish - 8.50AUD - 1pc

I want to share with you information about the tank so that you can set it up very easily by yourself.

pH: 6.2 – 8.0

Temperature: 65°F – 85°F

gH: 4 – 8

kH: 3 – 15

It is recommended to use a sponge filter to prevent shrimp from being sucked into the filter and to establish a gentle flow as yellow shrimp prefer to swim in a quiet environment.


LEDs are not really needed for them, this is a nice-to-have item if you want your tank to be full. But in the winter season, you definitely have it.

To increase the attractive beauty of the tank, you can add Java Moss, Java Fern, and Anubias Nana. I have an article sharing about why shrimps love Java moss, if you haven't read it yet, you can check it out here.


Yellow shrimp and other freshwater shrimps love to climb mossy branches for sightseeing and to find out who is around their territory.


They like to hide in the shrimp dome. If you want to pamper them, you can "buy a home" for them here.

I have already talked about the basics of the supplies needed for a yellow shrimp tank.

If you want to take them home right now, you can grab them here.

But you still have questions…

“What will yellow shrimp eat? How do they reproduce? What will I do when they start giving birth?”

Yes, I am here and I will answer you now.

Yellow shrimp like to eat shrimp soaked in saltwater, bloodworms, and frozen shrimp…

This is their feature because they are scavengers, but you can supplement their diet with boiled vegetables: cucurbits, carrots, cucumbers, ...

And I can't say their favourites are algae algae and algae…

Forgive me, I should have told you this sooner.

Yellow shrimp and their family Neocaridina love to eat algae, they can eat all day, and they are busy with their algae business.


This is the top reason beginners love shrimp keeping because they don't need to spend a lot of time maintaining and cleaning up algae as well as headaches because of the problem of fast algae growth in the tank.

Adding almond leaves or pine cones to the shrimp tank helps yellow shrimp have a good digestive system and increase their resistance to be healthier.

If you are worried about the yellow shrimp being lonely without a friend, you can add a few freshwater snails to make them friends.


From my observation, shrimp and snail when living together, are like 2 businesses scaling their own business.

They won't bother each other but I can be sure of one thing, the amount of algae in your tank will be greatly reduced, and you will have more time to look at them, not spend a lot of time cleaning the tank.

When it comes to yellow shrimp spawning, and to answer your question, what do you need to do when they enter the spawning stage?

And my answer is…

If you're too busy you don't have to do anything.

Sounds too weird, right? I'll explain why you don't need to do anything.

After you keep the yellow shrimp in the tank for a while, they get used to their favourite hiding place, and they will now feel safe and ready for the next breeding.

That's when they start breeding, naturally, the baby shrimp will be eaten by the big shrimp, but the number of baby shrimp hiding under the Java moss will be more and they will survive on their own and develop into adult shrimp in a short time.


You can freely buy them and sometimes forget about them, but after a while, you will panic because the yellow shrimp corporation is protesting for a larger aquarium so they can swim and feed freely.

I mentioned this in Green Jade Shrimp, you can read more here.

But if you are passionate about shrimp breeding and want to increase your income in the future.

You have to pay attention to the pregnant female shrimp, they will keep the eggs under their belly and it is better to separate the pregnant shrimp in a separate tank so that they can swim freely and not be stressed with the male shrimp.

Keep an eye on the females until they spawn and when the juveniles are born, you should separate the mother shrimp and return to the main tank.

You start to nurture the baby shrimp until they mature and sell them to friends and relatives to bring you income.


And that is the life cycle of yellow shrimp, hope you have the clearest view of this species through my sincere sharing.

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See you in the next posts.

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