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Best Aquarium Shop In Australia (If you’re newbie, you must read it)

by Catherine Tran 17 Jul 2023 0 Comments

If you are looking for the aquarium shop that provides you with good fish products to decorate your living space. You are passionate about aquarium fish but have not yet chosen an aquarium shop to trust. You’re in the right place, this article is for you, the top 3 best aquarium shopping in Australia with a team of enthusiastic consultants will lead you to become an experienced aquarist in aquariums in a short time. Let's move now!

Fish Tank Fish.

Fish Tank Fish is a trusted information hub for all things related to online aquarium shops in Australia. With a mission to bring joy and passion for aquarium fish to everyone, they have become a destination for freshwater pet lovers.

Fish Tank Fish is an aquarium shop that specializes in selling aquarium fish with a variety of fish and fish food. You will easily find your favourite fish from colourful tropical fish to unique aquarium fishes. What's particularly appealing at this store is its ability to offer the axolotl, also known as the "Mexican Walking Fish," which is not only fancy but also fun to keep.

Axolotl is a species of fish in the Salamander family and is native to Mexico. The amazing feature of this fish is its ability to remain in its juvenile form for the rest of its life, which makes a big impression on aquarists. The axolotl's body is shaped like an axolotl, a little dragon with soft tail legs.

However, the cons of Fish Tank Fish is the lack of some products such as shrimp and snails. Aquatic plants are also not diverse, many types of plants that sell are Anubias, can’t find moss and floating aquatic plants are sold in the aquarium shop. The products have no description, which makes it difficult to find and choose products for customers.

However, Fish Tank Fish is suitable for experienced aquarists who want to add other types and species to their aquarium tank, this is an attractive option. Since there is not a lot of product information available for newbies, choosing the right product for the first aquarium can be difficult.


482 Stafford Rd Stafford, Brisbane 4053


MON – FRI  10am – 5pm

SAT 10am – 4pm

SUN 10am – 3pm

Next, we will explore Micro Aquatic Shop - a trusted store with many attractive offers.




Micro Aquatic Shop - The leading aquarium center in Aus


If you are looking for a reliable store with a wide variety and quality of products, Micro Aquatic Shop is the perfect choice. Established in 2015, this store has become the leading brand in New South Wales with more than 8 years of operation.

The highlight of Micro Aquatic Shop is its intuitive, user-friendly and eye-catching website. Product categories such as fish, shrimp, and aquatic plants are clearly categorized, making it easy for you to search and select the products you want.


If you are a newbie then I believe this section is the best for you. They have a one-on-one call service with experts to answer all of your questions. So, you can rest assured with one call, all your worries will be removed immediately.

Vivid product images along with in-store photos help you get an overview of the product before making a purchase. In addition, the store often organizes periodic mini-games to give coupons to customers, creating more fun and excitement in the shopping process.

Micro Aquatic Shop pays special attention to customer service. Each product on the website comes with a clear description and care guide, helping you better understand how to care for and nurture your pet as well as basic information on how to recognize the signs of a pet's sickness or health.

Micro Aquatic Shop is well known for its sturdy packaging team that ensures your items reach you in perfect condition. The online aquarium shop has a variety of shrimp, fish, snails, aquatic plants and decorative driftwood for aquariums.


You will easily find other items such as lights, filters, decorations and fish and shrimp food, a pH test kit and a Scheme solution, ensuring you have all the substances you need to create a habitat. Ideal for beginner.

A remarkable point of Micro Aquatic Shop is that it is suitable for all levels of aquarists, from beginner to expert. The store offers many combos for you to choose from, but it's still very easy to choose what you are looking for, saving you time, money and convenience in shopping. Positive reviews and feedback from customers are proof of the excellent service quality.

However, Micro Aquatic Shop also needs to improve some shortcomings such as orders from noon Wednesday onward will be processed on the next monday and all orders from monday to noon of Wednesday will be shipped out in the same week. Some items being out quickly is also an issue that the online aquarium shop needs to take note.


Unit 15, 2-8 Daniel Street, Wetherill Park, NSW 2164

Customer support: (02) 8320 3037

Email: support@microaquaticshop.com.au

Finally, let's find out Seven Fishes - the specialty store for Betta fish in Australia.

Seven Fishes - Build your passion for Betta fish


Seven Fishes is known as one of the largest Betta fish shops in Australia. Established in 2017 and headquartered in Sydney NSW, this aquarium shop is focused on providing the latest and greatest in unique products to the Betta lover.

The biggest advantage of Seven Fishes is that it is specialized in Betta and Goldfish. You can find a wide range of Betta fish, from Australian breeders to Betta fish from overseas. Besides, the store also raises goldfish and ornamental shrimp to serve the diverse needs of customers.


However, Seven Fishes also has some shortcomings. The online aquarium shop often has a few types of shrimp and snails, mainly a few species of ramshorn snails and mystery snails. Freshwater fish also has a limited variety and is often sold out of many items. Besides, the lack of blog entries or articles providing information for customers is a point to improve. The product description isn’t clear, it's kind of difficult for who want to know about the product they are interested in.


In short, if you are a beginner to the aquarium shop and need dedicated advice for all your options, Micro Aquatic shop is the first and perfect choice for you.

Take a look at the reviews of newbies who have made their first purchase at Micro Aquatic Shop. They were also newbies like you and were worried about how to start and they were lucky when they chose Micro Aquatic Shop for their first experience. You can see them from a newbie to an expert in a short time and in the future, they are a partner to resell fish, shrimp and plants for Micro Aquatic Shop.




Now, what are you waiting for, quickly visit the Micro Aquatic Shop website - we can't wait to consult and serve you.

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