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Unusual facts about the Blue Ramshorn Snail

by JennyAquarium 08 Sep 2023 0 Comments

Unusual facts about the Blue Ramshorn Snail

They do not focus too much on the large space for you to think about the aquarium, but they have a beautiful blue color that creates a highlight for the "boring" aquariums about the blue color array.
WOW! All the Blue Ramshorn Snails You need are here.

This Blue Ramshorn Snail has two highly intriguing characteristics:

  • Blue Ramshorn snails can change color: Blue is the color of their bodies, believe it or not. Blue Ramshorn snails can turn dark blue or green if there is a lot of organic waste in the environment. Blue Ramshorn snails can turn green in algae-rich areas.
  • Blue Ramshorn snails eat a variety of foods: Blue Ramshorn snails consume a wide range of meals, including algae, leftover fish, and fruits and vegetables. And, of course, they are "assistants" in cleaning up your aquarium, assisting in the control of algae and leftover food.

You should purchase two green snails, one male and one female, so that they can create more green baby snails.
The Blue Snail "Big Family" will then oversee cleaning the Aquarium.

We have had success using this method, you will have the same success.

You Know like this:

Characteristics: Green snails are peaceful snails, not aggressive towards other ecosystems in the aquarium. They are active during the day, and you can easily see them crawling on the glass of the tank, plants, or decorations. They are good swimmers and can float on water.

Water Environment: While Green Snails are relatively easy to care for, at a minimum, you should provide a tank that is at least 5 gallons in size and has a pH between 7.0 and 8.0. The temperature of the tank should be between 65- and 80-degrees F.

Is the price expensive?

We know the price is what you're worried about. But when you want to own a Blue Ramshorn Snail, we will give you: 

  • A healthy product 
  • Accurate consulting service, completely free 
  • Delivery time, as per the commitment between the two parties

  • Does Blue Snail Need Plants in Aquarium?

    Whether you own any aquatic species, aquatic plants are always necessary for the ecosystem in the aquatic environment.

    If you still have questions about Blue Ramshorn Snail, please contact us:

    Unit 15, 2-8 Daniel Street, Wetherill Park, NSW 2164
    Customer support: (02) 8320 3037
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