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Beginners Guide

Care Guide for Cherry Barbs — Peaceful Barb for Community Tanks

by Nguyễn Hoàng Anh Tuấn 04 Apr 2023 0 Comments

Cherry Barbs stand out with their vivid red color and vibrant and boisterous personality. They get along well with other fish in your community aquarium. After this article, you will want to design your new aquarium tank immediately with the host "Cherry Barbs." Let's check with Micro Aquatic Shop how to take care of Cherry Barbs and points to note about this fish. Now let's go!!!

What are Cherry Barbs?

Puntius Titteya is found in the rainforests of Sri Lanka, an island nation off the southern coast of India. By the common name, males are cherry-blossom red, while females are crimson. Both males and females have a black horizontal line running down the sides with some scales that are also black. Their dorsal fin is triangular when fully extended. The average size is about 2 inches (5 cm).

The Cherry Barb spends most of the time darting around the tank or swimming in groups with other species. They are easy-going and hyperactive, making your aquarium always lively and funny. Like tetras, you can see them chasing each other as they enter the breeding phase.

How to set up an aquarium for Cherry Barbs ?

In the wild, they live in tropical streams with lots of plants. Cherry Barbs live in 72℉ - 80℉ water conditions. The ideal pH is 7.2 to 7.5. The best way to keep the water in the tank at that level is to monitor it continuously with a test strip (electronic tool or dipstick).

To keep your tank clean, it's essential to choose a filter that can handle the biological load of this species. With high activity levels, they generate a lot of waste and can quickly overload smaller filters. Weekly water changes are also recommended to keep nitrate levels low.

In addition, you also need to set up an aquarium filled with green plants with a light-colored substrate to bring out their crimson color. Give Cherry Barbs plenty of places where they can freely explore and hide.

A group of six Cherry Barbs can live in a 10-gallon or giant aquarium. Cherry Barbs are community fish that can live peacefully with other fish such as tetras, danios, cory catfish and plecos, guppies, blue-eyed rainbow fish, and pencil fish.

Cherry Barbs live peacefully with Aman shrimp (large size). Still, they may try chasing after cherry shrimp, so create more shrimp shelters, or you can move shrimp to another tank (if needed). You can keep Cherry Barbs with Betta fish. Still, depending on Betta's personality, they may not get along, so keep a close eye on the relationship between them.

What do Cherry Barbs eat?

In the wild, Cherry Barbs are omnivorous fish that feed on minor bugs, micro worms, crustaceans, zooplankton, and algae. They will chew on anything they come across along the way. You can feed them twice a day and keep the amount of food small when added to the tank.

Also, please provide them with various dry, frozen, and fresh foods to ensure they're full of nutrients. To keep Cherry Barbs bright red, look for foods with naturally red ingredients, like krill scales and brine shrimp.

How to raise Cherry Barbs

Cherry Barb is an easy species to breed. Sometimes you will find their eggs on the leaves of aquatic plants or the surface of the substrate. Adult fish tend to prey on newly born juveniles, so fill the tank with aquatic plants to ensure the young have a place to stay.

Also, if you want to facilitate the breeding of the adults by feeding them a lot of nutrient-rich food, move them to the spawning tank. Remove the adults to prevent the fish from eating the young when you see eggs or fry.

Depending on the temperature, the eggs will hatch within a few days. Feed the fry with powdered food that they readily absorb until they are old enough to eat raw brine shrimp.

Want to know more about the right foods for your fish? Read the article "How to Pick the Best Fish Foods That Aquarium Fish Can't Resist" here.

Cherry Barb is kindly easy-going fish to care for, and they can live in rugged water environments. We hope you have enough information through this article to set up a new Cherry Barb aquarium. If you are looking for healthy and good-priced Cherry Barb fish? Please visit our website: Micro Aquatic Shop, to get 15-20% OFF for the purchase. Hurry up!!!

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