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Clean your aquariums or else!

by Allyson Dillera Collaborator 19 Aug 2020 0 Comments

Worms and fish, when you normally hear these two words together, you think worms are baits to catch fish, but Im talking about something different, Im talking about worms in aquariums, the kind that are harmful to fish. Let me introduce you to Planaria.

Photo by FishLab

These creatures thrive in fish tanks that havent been cleaned in a while or if there are a lot of excess food at the bottom of your tank, they often arrive in plants, but no one knows where they originate from. Although there are not dangerous to fish short-term, they can reproduce fast given the right conditions and cause havoc inside the tank. They are predatory and will eat eggs and seldom attach themselves to the gills of some slow fish or snails causing irritation. They also ruin the relaxing view of watching your fish, aquarium shrimp, or snails do their thing.

There are many ways to get rid of Planaria, one way is to add fish that eats worms, known fish that eat worms are the Angel Fish, Gold Fish, Guppies etc.

Although fish eats the worms, this is not a good method to rely on when removing Planaria, a lot of them could hide under the plants or pebbles you put inside the tank. You especially have to remove them when you plan to breed fish, as mentioned earlier they are predatory and will eat eggs.

If the Aquarium is not cleaned properly, your fish will probably have a hard time from the toxins inside the tank that allows the worms to thrive. Imagine waking up one day to find all your beautiful aquarium infested with worms and your fish begging you to get rid of the unwanted guests, what a disaster!

The most effective way of removing the worms is using GenChem NO Planariaa biodegradable product that uses its main ingredient the Betel Nut Palm Extract.


Photo from Ebay

The Benefit of using this product as mentioned above is that it is natural, this will naturally degrade inside your tank and remove those pesky worms within 72 hours of being applied. This disinfectant doesnt affect shrimp or plants. Some nerite snails are sensitive to this product so it is suggested to transfer them during the treatment.

Keep note of these tips:
*If you are keeping shrimp inside the tank DO NOT feed them during treatment.

*Remove dead Planaria to avoid ammonia build up from decomposing *Remove Carbon in filter and always follow the instructions stated on the pack *Do not overdose the treatment(more is not better)

After 72 hours change 15% to 25% of the water in the tank and activate the carbon in your tank.

A few years ago it was hard to clean or treat your tank with this type of infestation, especially a treatment that gets rid of worms, forgot to mention it gets rid of Hydra as well! Talk about a double whammy!


I suggest doing research ahead of time but based on experience this product is effective and reliable when it comes to deworming!

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