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Beginners Guide

Freshwater Aquatic Snails Care For Beginners.

by Catherine Tran 04 Sep 2023 0 Comments

Every aquarium owner dreams of having a clean, algae-free and maintenance-free aquarium with happy, active inhabitants. Although this is like building a castle in the air, snails can bring you closer to that dream.

Adding freshwater snails to your tank is a great thing when you choose your own snails. Some species of snails provide many benefits and they can save you from having to constantly scrape off algae growing on the surface of your aquarium.

Are aquatic snails good or bad?


The biggest concern for most aquarists is how their fish can live with snails. But some snail species are not only good but also important for the survival of fish.

Most beneficial snails can be purchased at aquarium stores. However, there will be other types that can temporarily stay on the decorations and plants you buy. These are harmful. If you don't get rid of them quickly, they can destroy the balance in the aquarium and breed quickly.

Because you just want good friends in your tank, you have to do some research. Even with screws of your own choosing, you need to be sure of what will happen. The size of your tank is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing the ideal snail species because of the snail population.

Aquatic snail identification.

There are up to 11 different species of snails that you can keep in your aquarium. That's not to say they're all good candidates. They are just like fish, you have to consider the shape of the aquatic snails, their activity level and efficiency as well as the most important factor about the reproduction rate of these aquatic snails.

A few snails can lay thousands of eggs and before you know it, you have tons of pests slithering across the glass and clinging to your tank. To avoid such a situation, here are some common freshwater snail species that are considered excellent pets.

Mystery freshwater snail.

They are very brightly coloured, the most sought-after mysterious freshwater snails and are commonly sold at local fish stores.

It is an easygoing snail and can live with fish, shrimp and even plants. You'll find them to be a staggering 5cm or more long, but they still move expertly as they feed on algae.

Don't be fooled by their slow pace. They are very clever escape artists who will find the most difficult escape routes and use them to regain their freedom. You should make sure your tank is properly sealed to prevent these freshwater snails from escaping.

Recommended water tank:

Temperature: 20℃ to 28℃

pH: 7.6 to 8.4

Water type: Hard

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Ramshorn freshwater snail.

Ramshorn snails are the pet of many aquatic snail owners. They have beautiful shells that make a great addition to your aquarium, and they have an incredible appetite that helps keep everything in your tank humming.

They also tend to hitchhike on decorations, so don't be surprised if you find them on some tank decorations you didn't buy.

They mainly feed on hair algae and scavenge for food and debris at the bottom of the tank. Their small stature makes them ideal for most aquatic snail owners.

Recommended parameters:

Temperature: 20℃ to 26℃

pH: 7.0 and above

Water type: soft to hard

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Nerite freshwater snail.

If aquatic snail populations are your biggest fear, you will love nerite snails, especially Zebra Nerite snails. It is a beautiful, hardy and very voracious snail that needs to live in brackish water (hard water) for its eggs to hatch.

Although very sensitive to nitrate levels, its ability to breed in tropical tanks makes it the ultimate algae eater without the risk of becoming a pest. They are a great companion and get along well with plants, shrimp and fish.

Recommended parameters:

Temperature: 18℃-29℃

pH: 6.5 to 8.5

Water type: medium-hard

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What do aquatic snails need to survive?

Keeping your new tank mates alive requires a lot of care from you. You must maintain good maintenance habits and make sure to closely monitor the various parameters of your aquarium.

Before bringing your snail home, make sure you understand its ideal environment. If you intend to keep snails with fish, choose one that has the right conditions and requirements for the fish. You don't want to keep the snail alive and kill the fish.

To help you understand the best environment for freshwater snails, here are some of the most common questions about aquatic snail survival.

What is the ideal water quality for freshwater aquatic snails?

Aquatic snails prefer hard water that is high in dissolved minerals that help form their shells. The ideal water temperature varies depending on the type of snail. If you are in a cool climate, you may want to invest in a good heater.

What do freshwater aquatic snails eat?


Unlike most fish, snails are scavengers. They will eat algae, detritus and decaying food particles. From time to time, you can supplement their diet with a subordinate pill to make sure they have enough nutrition.

Be careful not to overfeed the fish or snails. An abundance of food could encourage a population explosion. Feed the fish only what they can eat for a few minutes to control the number of snails in the tank.

What is a good temperature for freshwater aquatic snails?

Snails are very picky about temperature. Most types thrive in temperatures between 22℃-27℃. In addition to maintaining the right temperature, you must consider other factors that can affect temperature such as climate. Make sure you adjust the heater accordingly to avoid disaster inside the tank.

Water quality should be tested at least once a week, including monitoring the ammonia levels and pH of the water and adjusting accordingly.

You should change 25% of the water in the tank every two to four weeks. If your tank is overcrowded or small, changes may occur more frequently.

How to clean the tank when there are aquatic snails in it?


Just because the snails are helping you clean doesn't mean you should neglect cleaning the tank. From time to time, the tank needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

With snails, moving them to another tank will not be so easy. So you need to pay a little attention.

Start by turning off all devices and removing them from the tank. Be sure to check for stowaways in the filter and pump.

Suck up the water to the centre of the tank, then stir things around with your hands and cause the debris to rise to the surface. Move the substrate where the snails are hiding to one side of the tank.

Suck more water out of the tank from the empty side of the tank then reapply the substrate at the bottom of the tank. Clean the filter and pump. Check for escapees and return them to the tank. Let the debris in the water settle before adding it back to the aquarium.

How do I know if my aquatic snails are healthy?


Snails will only be useful if they are healthy. Fortunately, invertebrates are very resistant to disease.

Therefore, most complications are usually due to water quality problems or lack of sufficient nutrients. Happy, healthy snails are always moving around looking for their next meal.

They have a uniform color and clean appearance. Any sign of fungus or spots on a snail's mouth or body puts all your senses on high alert. If the snail is also lethargic and often hides in its shell, you should be worried.

Remove sick snails from the tank and change the water more often to avoid losing more algae eaters.

When setting up the tank, you should remember to line it with the soft, blunt substrate to avoid damaging the snail's delicate abdomen.

Final thoughts.

Now consider carefully choosing your snails. With proper care, snails can live up to two years. That's two years without annoying algae and two years to enjoy a clean tank with a properly aerated substrate.

Through this article, you have everything you need to keep your snails happy and thereby enjoy the increased biological, color and movement benefits they bring to your tank.

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