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Nighttime "Stars" in Fish Lake

by JennyAquarium 22 May 2023 0 Comments

Nighttime "Stars" in Fish Lake 

The Peppermint Pleco is a small, gentle catfish native to Brazil's Rio Xingu. They are distinguished by their mint-colored bodies and white markings. Peppermint Plecos dwell in fast-flowing, oxygen-rich rivers and streams in the wild. They eat algae, plants, and debris and are primarily herbivores. Peppermint Plecos are also known to be food "scavengers" in the Great Lakes, eating small insects, crustaceans, and worms.
Plecos mints are generally easy to care for aquarium fish, so you don't have to be concerned about raising and taming them in your aquarium. Pleco mints live calmly and are not aggressive with other fish in the lake, true to the cool mint green color of summer. A well-filtered Aquarium with soft, somewhat acidic water is required. You've established the optimal atmosphere for Plecos mints in water. You only need to offer basic materials such as algae, vegetables, and live food, it's ok.
Peppermint Plecos can reach a maximum length of 6 inches, but most adults only grow to be about 4 inches long. They have a lifespan of 10-15 years.


What is the purpose of Peppermints Pleco Fish?

Do you believe there are several species of aquarium fish? And the option of adding a Peppermints Pleco member isn't all that exciting? We completely agree with you on this point.

You also know that no matter how well you grow an animal, there is one thing that everyone should be frightened of and avoid: CLEANING... FOR PETS.

Fish farming is no exception, because fish are living creatures that melt the hearts of those who love nature, feng shui, and wish to be friends when they are lonely. 

Beautiful Aquarium is a Lake that not only includes Fish and monotonous Oxygen bubbles with numerous wires that are "free" swinging in the Aquarium, but it must also have aquatic plants, Small Veggies for fish shelter, and other aquatic plants.

Take a look at this:  



Cleaning your Aquarium multiple times a week is unavoidable when you have too many Ecosystems.

Every day, you and your family members will need to set aside time to take turns doing this.

And the results are not as planned when cleaning becomes a burden for all members of your family day after day, month after month

What is happen?

  • Takes too long 
  • Expensive to purchase cleaning supplies
  • The impact of cleaning chemicals on the lake's habitat 
  • Other unneeded expenses incurred 
  • The fixation for the entire family....

And your Savior appeared in the form of a "Star"


With a complete body black color and a mint green polka dot, this tank will keep you and your aquarium cool this summer 

Pleco mints' favorite foods are algae, surplus algae, or algae clinging to the sides of the Aquarium's glass walls and glass slits.

What's even better is that the diet of these Plecos causes "entanglement", discomfort, and waste in the Aquarium, which you must clean every day.

Peppermint Pleco is a silent cleaning "assistant" you won't forget or miss.

Take another look at it:



A calm character at the bottom of the aquarium, cleaning for you every day, so that when you and your family members gaze at the clean and beautiful aquarium, you will forget about your daily fatigue.

If you still don't believe it, click this link and then head straight to the Shop to watch the "cleaning" of Pleco mints in real time:


Let us tell you some facts about Peppermint Plecos that no one has told you:

  • Nighttime is the best time to see Peppermint Plecos
  • They prefer to live in groups of two or more.
  • They consume algae well and can help maintain your aquarium clean.
  • In captivity, they are relatively easy to procreate.
Peppermint Pleco is an option if you want a quiet aquarium fish that is easy to maintain for, has exceptional nocturnal beauty, and is clean. You should not overlook

And so now You look this picture below, So amazings!!



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