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The Aquarium's Gentle Giant

by JennyAquarium 03 Jul 2023 0 Comments

The Aquarium's Gentle Giant

You are an introvert who is constantly busy but nevertheless enjoys having pets.
The Microaquatic Shop was taken aback when it returned "The Fierce Tiger Pleco," but it was a "Introverted Assistant" who assisted us in cleaning the Aquarium. We have adored and trusted Tiger Pleco.
You will undoubtedly fall in love with their aggressive yet endearing nature.
 Great Pleco and good price is here:


Tiger Pleco are only 3cm in size at our shop, so you may buy them without worrying about the size of your aquarium.

What food does Tiger Pleco eat?

The Tiger Pleco is an algae- and plant-eating fish. They can also consume frozen and bran foods. They will live a long time if you feed them twice a day with enough quality food at the stated times and keep the Aquarium clean for you to gaze at every day. Because you're a busy person, correct?
What's special about the color and size?
Color: Tiger Pleco fish have a characteristic color with black horizontal stripes on an orange or yellow background. They are like little tigers in the Aquarium and help you clean up.
    Size: Tiger Pleco fish is smaller in size than many other Pleco fish, so you can confidently buy two..three fish for your Aquarium without thinking much.

Is Tiger Pleco a true introvert like you?

The answer is: Yes
The Tiger Pleco fish lives at the lake's bottom, preferring to hide and explore the rock crevices and caves surrounding the aquarium. They frequently prefer to live alone and feel fearful when their surroundings change.

Welcome to here:


There are many more things we would like to share with you.
And if you are too busy, please contact us via:

Customer support: (02) 8320 3037

And on the weekend, if you don't have any plans yet, come to our Shop to check out how wonderful the Tiger Pleco fish are?, how "gentle"? follow the information below:

Unit 15, 2-8 Daniel Street, Wetherill Park, NSW 2164

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