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Beginners Guide

Where To Buy Blue Mystery Snails For Sale In Melbourne?

by Catherine Tran 03 Jul 2023 0 Comments

The blue mystery snail for sale is one of our favourite freshwater creatures. Not only are they easy to care for and fun to look at, but they also help keep your tank cleaner by eating algae throughout the day. This is why you can find them in so many home aquariums around the world.

This article gives you everything you need to know about mystery snail care about food, tank size, lifespan, breeding tips, etc.!

The mystery snail (Pomacea bridge) is an extremely common freshwater snail, sometimes called the hawthorn snail or the common apple snail.


The big question here is: how long do mystery snails live?

The average lifespan of a mysterious snail is about a year. This is consistent with a lot of other aquatic snail species you find in your home tank.


Colour is where you can begin to distinguish between them and other species. The mysterious snails come in a variety of colours and patterns that you will notice when you look at them.

The bodies of the mysterious snails also come in different colours. Follow the mystery snail breeding color chart. Typically this will be white grey but can also be available in yellow, dark grey and black (there are many different varieties you can buy).

One interesting thing about mysterious snails is the way they breathe. These snails have a sucker near their head that they use to move water through their gills.





The average size mystery snail is about 2 inches in diameter when fully grown. You measure the diameter of the snail instead of the length because that is a more reliable indicator due to its construction.

Caring for the mysterious snail.

Snail care is quite simple and anyone can do it. However, it's important to remember that just because it's simple doesn't mean it's handy.

Mystery snails need consistency in their habitat to thrive and avoid disease.

Tank size.


The minimum tank size for mystery snails is 5 gallons for one snail. This makes them suitable for nano tanks depending on how many species you want in your aquarium.

Adding five gallons for each additional snail is a good rule to follow. Mysterious snails need their own space just like any other animal.

Water parameters.

These little creatures can be very sensitive to level changes, which means you have to take this seriously.

The most effective way to ensure this is to test your water regularly (and with the correct test kits).

Here are the levels you should pay attention to:

Water temperature: 68°F to 84°F

pH: 7.6 to 8.4

Water hardness: 12 to 18 KH

Snails are animals that need a decent amount of calcium to grow and help their shells develop.

Although some owners add it to the water with supplements, you can also feed them calcium-rich vegetables as a way of introducing minerals into the water. Mutually beneficial!

What to put in their tank?


Plants are the first and foremost item to have in their tank. Since these snails spend most of their time picking up small pieces of vegetation, an aquarium without vegetation doesn't make much sense.

This means that plants like Hornwort, Java moss, and Anubias Barteri are all good choices. Include hardy plants that can tolerate a bit of gnawing, because your snails may decide to chew on them from time to time.


Possibility of disease.

Mysterious snails do not have a specific disease or illness that causes them to suffer.

Even fairly slight changes in water parameters can send your snail into a state of shock and adversely affect health.

Consistently poor water quality can expose your mystery snail to a parasite that is extremely difficult to treat. The parasites attack snails aggressively and often lead to the death of your mysterious snail.

The easiest way to know what's wrong with your snails is to observe them regularly. If you notice something strange in their body or their behaviour and activity levels drop significantly, something may be wrong.

A mysterious snail that hasn't moved in a while may be suffering from some health issue that needs to be addressed. They usually don't let anything slow them down.

Food & Diet.

As you might have guessed, plants and vegetation form the basis of their diet in the wild. The same is true in captivity, with algae being the perfect food for mystery snails.

In their natural habitat, snails spend all their time slowly searching for sources of algae and plants, and they will do the same in your tank.

This means that it will be your job to ensure that there are enough natural algae in your tank to continue serving as their primary food source.

Having a smooth surface where algae can grow is the first step. The plants you include will also serve as a useful source of organic detritus.

What do mystery snails eat?


Feeding them some vegetables is another great food option. Here are some they like:





Behavior & Temperament.

These little creatures are almost peaceful.

They simply want to be down and be alone. They don't care (or aren't even likely to) care about what's going on in the rest of the tank.

Mysterious snails never leave their main task in search of algae and organic plants to eat. They are also very fast and can move around the aquarium a lot faster than you think.

Tank mates.


There are many potential mysterious snail tank mates you can choose from. Almost any freshwater fish that is not prone to aggression can be considered (as long as snails are not part of their diet in the wild).

Here are some popular mystery snail tank mates for you to consider:

Tetras (neon, green, and embers are our favourites)

Cory catfish

Nerite snail

Ghost shrimp

Shrimp Amano

Red cherry shrimp


The Mysterious Snail and the Betta.


The possibility of mating between the mysterious snail and the betta is something that many aquarists are curious about. And since bettas are such a common species, it makes complete sense.

The short answer is that you can absolutely keep bettas and mystery snails together. The snails will be ready to clean the tank while the bettas enjoy the clear water!

Where can I buy blue mystery snails for sale?

At Micro Aquatic Shop, customers call us with the names of aquarium stores that sell mysterious snail sales, the aquarium store in Melbourne, online store fish,... and the list will go on and on. Here we have three choices of Blue Mystery Snail for you:


Blue Mystery Snail - Size: from 1.5 - 2cm


Flash Sale Blue Mystery Snail (small size)


Mystery Snail Package.

Let’s take a look now!

The nice thing about breeding mystery snails is that you don't need to make any adjustments to the tank or water parameters. This is common with fish but for these snails, you can relax and let them do their thing!

Females will lay eggs near the surface of the water in long clumping juveniles. This process can be a lot of fun to observe, so we recommend you keep an eye on it if you're going to breed!

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