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Beginners Guide

Tips Breeding Tangerine Tiger Shrimp Like Top Expert Aquatics.

by Catherine Tran 07 Sep 2023 0 Comments

Aquarists who have been raising freshwater shrimp for a while will quickly want to know when their shrimp will breed, whether breeding will be difficult, and how to sell the shrimp they keep to make some money.

In this article, I will share with you how to choose shrimp for breeding, what tank conditions are needed, what food is needed and where to buy healthy Tangerine Tiger Shrimp for a good breeding.

Now follow me!

The first and also important part is to choose an individual Tangerine Tiger Shrimp with a balanced ratio of males and females.

So what is the difference between male and female Tangerine Tiger Shrimp?


Well, if you look closely, the female is slightly larger than the male. While females can grow up to 2.5CM to 3CM, males can only reach 2CM to 2.5CM in size.

Additionally, the female's body will appear curvier than the male's. In terms of color, females will have a darker appearance.

So, when breeding Tangerine Tiger Shrimp, you should pay attention to different sizes because they are all the same, you may have your eye on a particular sex and the other will be the opposite sex.

Get this sorted and make sure you have the perfect female-to-male ratio to ensure successful breeding.

Here the Sydney Aquarium Store to sell healthy&happy Tangerine Tiger Shrimp for breeding:


Tank conditions for Tangerine Tiger Shrimp to breed:

✅pH: 6.4

✅Hardness: 2dkh

✅Water temperature is between 22℃ -24℃

✅Tank size 20L to 40L

✅Oxygen Plus Biological Filter (Sponge Filter)

✅Java Fern

✅Types of Moss (Java Moss)

✅Weekly water change 10%

✅Add reverse osmosis water

✅Feed them once, sometimes twice, a day


✅Hikari crab cuisine

✅Omega One Shrimp Tablets

✅Blanch vegetables

✅100% Spirulina

It’s Breeding Time!


It is best not to keep any other fish in the aquarium if you want to breed shrimp.

You should check that the water environment in the tank is pure and free of any contaminants, this helps the Tangerine Tiger Shrimp feel comfortable, which is necessary for its reproduction.

Aside from keeping water parameters stable, your shrimp do not have any additional needs for reproduction.

It is best to start with a group of at least 10 animals but preferably 20 or more, the larger the starting group the lower the chance of inbreeding and the occurrence of genetic defects.

It is equally important to have a good male-to-female ratio in your shrimp tank, the ideal ratio is 3 females for every male shrimp.

A female shrimp carrying fertilized eggs will carry 20 to 30 eggs which she will fan between her shells to provide clean, oxygenated water and keep them clean.


After about 25-35 days the eggs will hatch. Unlike Amano shrimp, black tiger shrimp do not have a larval stage. Baby shrimp, also known as baby shrimp, look like a small replica of their parents.

Once the eggs hatch, the female may take at least seven days to lay more eggs. And you will realize that breeding Tangerine Tiger Shrimp is not at all complicated and once you learn the basics of doing it right, you will soon realize that you are an expert in this industry!

During breeding, it is best to feed shrimp a small amount of food but regularly. Remember that a constant and reliable food source is ideal for successful shrimp reproduction.

Where can I sell my Tangerine Tiger Shrimp?

In the Australian aquarium fish, shrimp and aquatic community Facebook groups or you can join a local fish and shrimp club at the place you live to meet even more partners to purchase.

Additionally, you can sell to friends and people you know. Yeah! It's time for you to show yourself as a real business owner and convince customers to buy from you. Very interesting!

Micro Aquatic Shop currently has a "Sell To Us" program if you have ever purchased aquatic animals at their store. For more information, quickly access the section below.


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