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Trumpet Snail adapts beautifully in the Aquarium

by JennyAquarium 08 Jul 2023 0 Comments

Trumpet Snail adapts beautifully in the Aquarium

The rival of Pleco glass cleaner fish is the Trumpet snail species known as "Cleaner" for the aquarium. Because they are also living species
in freshwater environments such as rivers, lakes and ponds. The trumpet snails are known for their ability to dig burrows, where they feed on algae, and enjoy eating detritus and other organic matter. It is this that makes them lively and interesting "cleansing bottles" in the Aquarium.


Trumpet Snails : The Silent Warrior
It is not wrong to say that Trumpet Snails are the silent cleaning warriors in the Aquarium.
Because the trumpet snail like to eat algae and debris that are "blooming" in the Aquarium. Simply sleep silently and slowly crawl, as well as clean the toilet carefully. As a result, despite the fact that they are Snails, they enjoy the cleanliness around them and obviously become a superb "assistant" that anybody who enjoys aquarium fish adores these Trumpet Snails.


Trumpet Snails: Colorful beauty
The trumpet snail is a small, slender snail with a long, pointed shell. They are usually white or brown but can also be found in other colors, such as black, yellow, or orange. The trumpet snail has a single, long sucker that is mainly used for breathing and moving through the substrate.
Trumpet Snails: Super easy care
The trumpet snail is native to Southeast Asia, especially They are relatively easy to care for and not too "picky" about the aquatic environment. Therefore, they become an indispensable ecosystem for your aquarium because they help keep it clean by eating algae and other debris.
Freshwater snails such as the trumpet snail are found.
pH range: 7.0 to 8.0.
The trumpet snail loves water temperatures ranging from 72 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit.
Snails enjoy low light conditions and are not very active.
The trumpet snail is a burrowing snail that requires a soft substrate to dig through.
Trumpet Snails: Come and buy it
Take one or more Trumpet Snails home from a trusted source so they can reconnect with the other Fish in the Aquarium.


Snails are non-vegetarians that are quite gentle and helpful to aquariums by aerating the substrate and removing debris. They do, however, want a green environment, so you should refer to them to have more enjoyment and happyfull


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