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Shrimps 101

Most colorful shrimp pictures

by Alexcel Lorin John Collaborator 08 Aug 2020 0 Comments

It is amazing how diversity can be found anywhere, people, plants, and animals are showing the difference in color, culture, behavior, and alike. The magic of life is always unquestionable and it is something normally captured through images that are taken at the right moment. Shrimps are never boring because of how the variations appeal to the eye and it is only right to showcase them. So here are a few pictures that show great captured colorful freshwater shrimps:


Convo between shrimps:
Black1 (left): I bet she likes me
Black2 (right): I don’t think so, her body is tilted towards my side so I think she likes me
Rech Cherry: I am looking for my girlfriend, I hate boys and I kissed a girl and I liked it
Two Black Shrimps: We are just testing you, we are partners! Eat that!

Credits to Chris Lukhaup

  This is the reason why I hate footbridges, it makes me hungry and my heart goes oops!

Credits to Chris Lukhaup


 I see why the other black shrimps are mad crossing these footbridges! This is crazy!

Credits to Chris Lukhaup


Photographer: Don’t you move a muscle!
Model Shrimp: I am an inch away from kicking you to the face as you can see I am barely holding on to this rock! 

Credits to Chris Lukhaup


My skin is so white, you can practically call me snow white!

Credits to @theshrimpfarm through Instagram


 No matter what color we are, we simply make good tempura in the end!

Credits to Chris Lukhaup


 I may look cooked but I am pretty much alive baby!

Credits to Chris Lukhaup


  I am the missing link to the 101 dalmatians!

Credits to Chris Lukhaup


 See that darling? I got the curves that no other shrimp has! hahahaha

Credits to Chris Lukhaup


 Yah think so? (To shrimp at the top)

Credits to Chris Lukhaup


That whitening cream I purchased is no good at all, I went from tan to charcoal now! unbelievable!


I used the same product but it worked for me, I just simply forgot to read the instructions to spread it evenly!

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