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Shrimps 101

Why are Australian Amano shrimps a Great Tank Mate?

by Micro Aquatic Shop 20 May 2021 0 Comments

Australian Amano shrimps

Amano Shrimps have captivated hobbyists for more than a decade due to their ability to consume massive amounts of algae. Their busy-body personality and cool demeanor have also made them extremely famous around the worldMany countries in the world display Amano shrimp for sale.

Caridina Typus, also known as Australian Amano Shrimps, is increasingly well-known as a peaceful, algae-free, and waste-fed inhabitant of the freshwater tank. If no tankmates want to snack Amano shrimp, they are an additional successful collective tank for tanks with different temperatures.

There are tank specifications as it is very difficult to breed Amano shrimps Australia. The lifespan of the Amano shrimp Australia is not more than 3 years. They need to have specific conditions to survive in the tank. For example, the size of the tank should be ten gallons. 


Australian Amano Shrimp Common Name: Caridina Typus

Scientific Name: Caridina Typus

Wild Origin: Australia

Maximum Size: 6–7.8 cm (2.5–3 inch)

Australian Amano shrimps size

You should keep them in a group of at least 6 to help reduce any dominant behavior. Also, try to maintain an even ratio of females and males. It is advised to keep 6 Amano shrimps with an even ratio of males and females. The ratio helps to remove the dominant behavior in the shrimps.


Amano shrimps are considered the most peaceful inhabitants. They do not attack or harm the other fish unless or until they are extremely hungry. They can even hide themselves up from other carnivores and protect themselves.

Bottom dwellers

One of the main characteristics of Amano shrimp Australia is that they are bottom dwellers and remain at the bottom of the tank.

Beginners level care

The care level of the keeper is beginner for Amano shrimp. Even if you are a beginner, you can take care of the Amano shrimps.

Comfortable with temperature

They can easily survive in heated and non-heated tanks. The Amano shrimp temperature range is from 15 to 27 Celsius. One must take care of the Amano shrimp temperature range.

No harm to living plants

In a shrimp tank, live plants are a fantastic addition, and you will sometimes see them nibbling on dead areas. Shrimp, contrary to popular belief, do not consume live plants; instead, they eat dead materials. Do not blame your shrimp if your plants do not survive.

The Amano shrimp is also a freshwater tank inhabitant. Some of the people on the internet recommended the best aquarium shop in Sydney to buy shrimps.

Freshwater shrimp Australia

Paratya australiensis is a small decapod crustacean, widely distributed in the SE in Australia in freshwater systems, with Australian glass shrimp and freshwater shrimp. It is also known as giant water prawn. The freshwater shrimp Australia is very common in the western markets as the giant M.

Freshwater shrimp may not only be vibrant and beautiful to behold, but also play a very important part in the tank – they are scavenging machines that clean up your fish and improve the quality of the water in your tank.

You can easily find any kind of fish or shrimps at the best aquarium shop in Sydney. The aquarium shops put Amano shrimps for sale as well as other fish. Micro aquatic shop serves as the best seller for all types of fish and aquatic plants     

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