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Shrimps 101

Funny Shrimp GIFs

by Alexcel Lorin John Collaborator 08 Aug 2020 0 Comments

Shrimps are normally movable and all over the place, which should be good for the owners as the shrimps are happy and well-adapted to the environment it is at. But there are times that the shrimps can also fool around when it is well-adapted to its environment that is something captured through these GIFs. 


The next day I will be on a diet! This goes on and on! This is when your cheat day is already way out of hand...

Credits to tankaddict 

This is my precious! My precious!

Credits to tumblr


When you had so much to drink but you still need to go home. 

Credits to gfycat


When you're a terrible gossip!

Credits to tankaddict


Coming out of the closet is not really that difficult!

Credits to gifer


When you don't have more interesting to show but your belly

Credits to gfycat


Girl I know I said I wanted to lose weight, but I got hungry!

Credits to gfycat


When your fat and they think you can't be hungry

Credits to aquariadise

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