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Christmas Moss -Vesicularia...
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Flame Moss -...

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Marimo Moss Ball...
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Rare Mini Taiwan...
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Riccia fluitans

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Rose Moss -...

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Subwassertang ( Fresh...

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Aquarium Moss For Sale

Welcome to our store, we hope you have a great time with us here  🤗🤗

Planted aquariums are appealing for its capacity to imitate scenes out in nature. They help bring out the aquarium artist’s vision and personality, making the aquarium a unique piece of art. Most of you must remember drawing landscapes in school, the most basic element being grass meadows, trees, shrubs, and bushes. Mosses are the tools that help an aquarist draw landscapes in his aquarium.

Mosses are small plants that grow with general ease and require very low maintenance. They come in various shapes and sizes, dense and overlapping to thin and slender. They can form tall grass, pastures, shrubs, tree foliage and a lot of other things a creative mind can conjure. Mosses grow and spread very easily, creating a beautiful plantation and provide ample hiding spaces for fish and shrimpsHave a nice day and enjoy our moss collection  ❤️❤️! 

Aquarium Moss

Weeping moss scape from Crystal Red Shrimp Breeding Guide

Java Moss

Aquascape using Peacock Moss by Trung Vo 

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