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Planted aquariums are appealing for its capacity to imitate scenes out in nature. They help bring out the aquarium artist’s vision and personality, making the aquarium a unique piece of art. Most of you must remember drawing landscapes in school, the most basic element being grass meadows, trees, shrubs, and bushes. Mosses are the tools that help an aquarist draw landscapes in his aquarium.

Mosses are small plants that grow with general ease and require very low maintenance. They come in various shapes and sizes, dense and overlapping to thin and slender. They can form tall grass, pastures, shrubs, tree foliage and a lot of other things a creative mind can conjure. Mosses grow and spread very easily, creating a beautiful plantation and provide ample hiding spaces for fish and shrimpsHave a nice day and enjoy our moss collection  ❤️❤️! 

Aquarium Moss

Weeping moss scape from Crystal Red Shrimp Breeding Guide

Java Moss

Aquascape using Peacock Moss by Trung Vo 


Types of aquarium mosses available widely 

Every aquascaper loves to put mosses in their project. Moss is a type of non vascular plants that mostly live under water and produce food through carbon dioxide and low amount of sunlight available under water. In the present day more than 10000 types of mosses are available worldwide. Depending on their structure, size and type of branches and natural habitat they differentiate from one another. The usage of these mosses are also different from each other. Here is a brief discussion of the types of mosses available in general and how to take care of them properly. The difference between these mosses are mostly seen only through a microscope!

Types of aquarium moss generally available in online stores:

  • Java moss : Java moss looks extraordinary in a tank and it can be handled easily. If you want to grow it in your tank, you just need to cut the parental branches and attach it to the desired location. It will stick to the location with the brown roots and will grow easily. This ease of growing this moss makes it the most wanted one in the market. 

  • Phoenix moss: Phoenix moss grows anywhere under any temperature. You just need to tie some shoots of this moss with an object and the moss will start growing there easily. It looks like a fountain and that is the reason behind such a beautiful name. 

  • Christmas moss: Christmas moss branches looks like the branch of a fir tree and hence the name. Now this moss sticks to the stone of snag in your aquarium. If you put it under bright light, you can expect thick bushes in your aquarium. 

  • Flame moss: Flame moss is available generally in Asia and its flame like structure is the reason behind its name. It grows faster in the upward direction and when planted at a place it takes around 2 weeks to adapt to the new atmosphere and then it starts growing again.

  • Pellia moss: Pellia moss is a leafless moss and it sticks to the bottom level of the aquarium with the rhizoids available at the bottom part of it. Pellia is any day heavier than the tank water and hence it works as the green bed of the aquarium. It grows in hard and soft water and also under shadow or bright light. 

  • Riccia: Riccia is a fast growing moss. You can tie it with a stone and soon it will cover the whole stone providing a green fluffy mountain like structure. Within no time it covers all the bottom line of the aquarium providing a thick green carpet. It grows well under any temperature change but grows well in soft water. 

  • Willow moss: Willow moss is a delicate moss without any root. You can pin it to a substance and have to leave it for some months. It requires solid temperature management to grow properly. 

  • Weeping moss: Weeping moss resembles the shape of Weeping willow and hence gets such a name. It is mostly used by the Chinese aquascapers and the growth rate is medium. 

  • Taiwan moss: Taiwan moss hails from Taiwan. It is easy to grow and it grows upwards. It comes with juicy and green shoots and definitely gives an adequate amount of green tint to the aquarium. 

  • Friends of your moss 

    When you are going to grow aquarium moss, you need to know about the friends of mosses as well. Every type of small shrimps are very good to keep with your moss. They eat algae and make sure that your moss live long. Cherry shrimp and Amano shrimp are two of the most popular ones in the online market. They eat the algae and makes sure that your moss stays happy and healthy. 

    Enemies of your moss

    The biggest enemy of your aquarium moss is algae. They grow naturally and sometimes when you spend lots of money buying expensive moss, they come along. You just need to check everything properly and make sure that there’s no algae coming along with your moss. The Siamese algae eater fish also eats moss like a delicacy. It eats every kind of moss to the root except the Phoenix one. 

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