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Aquarium / Aquascaping Setup

Mini Desktop Aquarium Setup, Ideas and Step by Step Guide

by Allyson Dillera 02 Oct 2019 0 Comments

Introduce The Mini Desktop Aquarium

If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.Loren Eiseley

The aquatic world is the soul of Earth. Without it, human life wouldn't have existed. To some, its importance is a matter of fact, but to some, it exceeds the horizons. The beauty of nature has always been breathtaking but the aquatics add the calmness, serenity, and peace to the mind, heart, and soul of the viewer. To be in the arms of nature has been the dreams of millions, but only a few can make it possible for themselves. We often get jealous to the bones of such a peaceful lifestyle but practicality drags us back to reality. It is not very convenient and practical, is it? But what really is practical and within your bounds is a home aquarium.

Mini Desktop Aquarium Setup

Even if there is a difference of heaven and earth between natural aquatics and man-made aqua spaces, man-made aqua spaces like aquariums serve its purpose perfectly. Aquariums are like artificial ponds which are transparent glass tanks of water where water creatures and plants are kept. If you are an aqua lover, a small aquarium by your side will soothe and warm your heart at the same time. It not only will help reduce stress and decrease anxiety but will also improve heart rate, quality of sleeping and blood pressure. You will notice a clear and visible improvement in your productivity.

As the world advances, everything is becoming handy and compact. The days where you needed to buy a long glass aquarium to add nature to your homes and enjoy fish keeping are long gone. Today, there are various options available for small and nano aquarium in the market in different shapes and sizes. This type of mini fish tank is the perfect solution for enhancing your home or office decors which brings the elegance of nature to your room. You can always invest in aquarium décor as a hobby and create a mini desktop aquarium personalized to your taste and space.



What Is A Mini Desktop Aquarium?

A mini desktop aquarium is a smaller sized aquarium and emphasizes on small scale inhabitants. It can be placed anywhere in your home or office. Its small size is ideal for those aquarists who love to experiment and are ready to invest their time. These mini desktop aquariums are one of the cheapest aquariums available in the market and are popular. The hobby of fish-keeping not only showcases your love for nature and aquatic animals but showcases your clear-headedness and thoughtfulness. It helps improves the quality of life, enhances creativity and provides the natural elegance to your corner. 

You can put your creativity to use and design a unique setup for your nano reef aquarium, mini desktop aquarium or freshwater biotope tank. Generally, glass tanks less than 10 gallons are considered as a mini fish tank but mini desktop aquariums are even available of 2 gallons. They come with multiple features such as USB LED Lights and high light transmittance. It comes in different shapes and sizes even with the hanging facility with various modifiable aquarium setup. You can always buy a small aquarium and decorate it according to your liking and preferences. They will provide your small fishes with a fascinating environment. With a little maintenance, you can enjoy the experience of nurturing colorful fishes. They are great listeners and will surely listen to you through your thick and thin.  


Stocking Ideas For Mini Desktop Aquarium

While buying a mini desktop aquarium, you must make sure that the fishes can swim around comfortably and not feel restricted. Similarly, while buying fishes for your small aquarium, remember the size of your tank and consider how big the fish will eventually grow before making a decision.

Mini Desktop Fish Tank

Following are some of the fishes that will best suit small aquarium:

  • Betta Fish
  • Dwarf Puffer
  • Endler’s Livebearers
  • Celestial Pearl Danios
  • Sparkling Gourami
  • Least Killifish
  • Red Cherry Shrimp
  • Norman’s Lampeye Killifish
  • Bumblebee Goby
  • Crystal Red Shrimp

You can also include the following soft corals in your mini desktop aquarium:

  • Xenia Polyps
  • Toadstool Corals
  • Green Star Polyps
  • Clove Polyps
  • Zoanthid Polyps

Few species of other inhabitants to accompany your fishes:

If you want to set up a planted tank, then you can go with the following plant suggestions:

Following are some of the much-needed necessities that you will require for your mini desktop aquarium

How To Set Up a Mini Desktop Aquarium?

The small aquarium is easy to set up and decorate and if you have a complete kit that it becomes more hassle-free. Its complete kit comes with the light, filters, and heaters, pre-installed sometimes.

Follow the below procedure to set up your nano aquarium:

  1. First select your location carefully because once the water is filled, it will be heavier and riskier to move. Remember to choose a corner far from natural light sources and heat sources.
  2. Wipe clean your tank well before proceeding to remove the dust well. Also, use vinegar and warm water in case of a used aquarium.
  3. Start with setting up the bottom with sand or algae carpet according to your preference. Depending on your fish, you will require an inch of substrate. 
  4. Then start installing your heater and filter. Add a protein skimmer and a powerhead in case of a saltwater tank.
  5. Add salt to the tank water. Remember to either remove chlorine from water or use reverse osmosis water.
  6. To pour water, place a bowl over the sand so that the substrate is not displaced.
  7. You need to remember to cycle your tank every so that the nitrogen cycle keeps on going without interruption. It helps the beneficial bacteria to develop and convert ammonia and nitrites. It generally takes around 4-5 weeks.
  8. Do not directly allow your fish into the tank. First, make them familiarize with the tank water. Add tank water every five minutes to the fish bag until full before releasing the fish into the tank.

So if you are struggling with little spaces and even then want to pursue the hobby of fish keeping then mini desktop aquarium is the perfect quick fix for you. It skillfully works with small space and a small budget and makes your room livelier and your life pleasurable. Remember to spend some time with your new little buddies daily and monitor their needs carefully as once they grow, the conditions of the aquarium may change quickly and maintenance may be required. 

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