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Aquarium / Aquascaping Setup

Types of Aquarium Components for our Fish Tank

by Allyson Dillera 22 Aug 2017 0 Comments

An aquarium with the right type of equipment can add to the environment of the fish and make it an alluring piece of decoration at home.

There are different types of adornments for our aquariums which are available at Micro Aquatic Shop, formerly known as Exotic Aquaristic; selecting the most relevant products can be a baffling task.

However, there are a few tips which can be considered while picking different types of fish tank products online.

aquarium equipment


Types of Aquarium Components you need

Pumps: It is one of an essential fish tank accessory that helps the fish survive and stay healthy in the tank. The pump/s assist in circulating oxygen throughout the tank for livelihood.


Check out different aquarium pumps from here.

PlantsUsing living plants in a fish tank has many favorable features. Various types of plants can be utilized in these tanks to add the beauty of the tank and the health of the fish.


Click here to see our Aquarium plants for your fish tank.

Filters: It is imperative that your fish tank has a filter system which can clean the water in the tank so that it is free from impurities and contaminants. There are different types of filters which are available today so it is vital to choose products according to the capacity of the tanks and the number of fish in it.


Click here to see different types of Aquarium filters from our store.

Ornaments: There are a vast plethora of ornaments that can be added to the fish tank to enhance its overall presentation. Most of these ornaments can be bought from online stores at low-cost prices. It is available in different sizes, shapes, colors, and forms to suit various types of tanks.


Click here to check our Aquarium Ornaments for your fish tank.

Water additives: there are different kinds of additives which can be used in the fish tank so that it stays healthy. Nonetheless, different types of solutions are utilized for different kinds of water.


Lights: decent lighting is another vital aspect to consider while installing tanks. Nowadays, there are different options to consider such as LED lights, fluorescents and much more. These lights are available in various soft colours and features. These lights can be adjusted whenever you want; they can be dimmed or brightened at any time.


Check our store for Aquarium Lights for your aquarium or fish tank.

It is significant to select your fish tank stuff according to the type of water used in it. Some products suit freshwater tanks whereas some products are fitting for saltwater tanks only.

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