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Aquarium / Aquascaping Setup

6 Best Aquascaping Designs Styles Ideas For Your Aquarium or Fish Tank

by Allyson Dillera 31 Mar 2019 0 Comments

Aquascape design is limited by imagination and creativity, which is an endless possibility provided by nature. People tried different approach unique influenced by their origin. We all know that Takashi Amano amazed us by his nature aquarium works. Japan geographical feature like mountains, streams and seasonal jungle were adapted. Iwagumi style, for example, Iwagumi means rock formation. Influenced by natural river stream across japan volcanic region.


You can create appealing result by following existing aquascaping style, follow our information to learn more. Here are the most popular styles around the world:

1. Dutch Style Aquascape

Dutch style AquascapeDutch-style aquascape by Andrea Beatrice

            The most colourful style of aquascaping, this particular style focus on enhancing aquatic plants character. There are some hardscape materials used but plants dominate 60% - 70% of the landscape. Creating a layer between different types of aquatic plants. Small-sized plants often used for foreground, mid-ground decorated with colourful medium-sized plants like Cryptocorines or the elegant Staurogyne Repens. Don’t forget about the background plants, more than 50 species of mesmerizing stem plants are ready to please the eyes. You can read our dedicated Dutch style aquascape here

2. Nature Style Aquascape

Nature style aquascapeWith good choice of flora and fauna, you can build a low maintenance setup. Let nature take care itself can be achieved. You can read our dedicated article about nature style aquascape here.

Nature style aquascape is all over the place on the internet. Every time you search for aquascape, this particular style will flood your screen. A beginner-friendly scape, its mimicking natural environment around us. Mountains, riverside, tropical jungle even flooded swamp area. Nature style focus on creating a natural feeling inside your aquarium, the flow created by driftwood and rocks arrangements were intended to be as natural as possible. This particular style literally has no limit regarding the combination of hardscape, plants and fishes. 

3. Simple planted tank Style Aquascape

Simple style AquascapeSometimes we just wanted to create a simple aquarium with that super easy to maintain and cheap to build. This style is common for starting a full planted aquascape. Less hardscape material with nice epiphyte plants arrangements like Anubias, ferns, mosses and Bucephalandra. Providing cozy playground for fishes will enhance fauna beauty.

4. Japanese Iwagumi style

Japanese Iwagumi style

As mentioned earlier, 'Iwagumi' means 'rock formation'. Rocky layouts with certain rule of composition will draw your attention to respect the beauty of rock work. Its deceptive simplicity is known to seasoned Aquascapers, the most difficult task is to achieve harmony through simplicity.

The scale is very important in this style. Choosing the right size of stones and controlling carpet plants health and shapes can be stressful. Don’t let this article kill your interest, the challenge is real with this one. You can read our dedicated Japanese Iwagumi style here.



5. Biotope Style AquascapeBiotope aquarium

            This style focus on emulating the natural habitat of certain species or certain area. It’s not only the layout, but Aquascapers will also do his best effort to mimic the natural environment of water parameter, light intensities, and even certain type of wood or stone used. Natural biotope style is the best way to present your fish character. 



6. Paludarium style Aquascape

Paludarium style Aquascape

We are still talking about freshwater aquarium. Paludarium combine terrestrial and underwater landscape. The Paludarium aim to replicate natural wetlands, rainforest and streams habitat. You can include varies of creature to live in your Paludarium. Wider range of plants choice makes hobbyist tried lots of new things.

Somehow, the harmony between these 2 different ecosystems is easy to maintain. With good choice of plants and fauna, this setup can run by itself. Off course you have to add some water over time. Ready to marry both worlds? 

You can read our Paludarium style here.



Are you ready to build your own aquascape?

      Those aquarium styles have their own personas, and off course, you can materialize your own idea of aquascape build. Create harmony between your room design with aquascape layouts. Make something that you enjoy, well-maintained aquascape will enhance your build quality. Start your journey…

Hope this article provides the needed knowledge for your aquascaping journey. Feel free to discuss at our social media. You can continue to recommended aquascape water quality and filtration system.


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