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Aquarium / Aquascaping Setup

Types of Fish Tank Decorations

by Micro Aquatic Shop 30 Apr 2021 0 Comments

Aquarium décor is a major industry that creates some amazing structures which people use as fish tank decorations. The wide variety of items you can choose from is both mind-boggling and exciting and exploring them in detail is necessary if you want to create a unique and attractive look in your aquarium. Some of the most popular types of fish tank decorations that you can buy from almost any good aquarium shop include the following.

Tank Plants

There are quite a few species of plants that are perfectly suited for living in a fish tank. Some of the most popular fish tank plants that you can put in your aquarium include Water Wisteria, Amazon Sword, African Water Fern, Java Fern, Anubias, Dwarf Aquarium Lilies, and many more. These fish tank plants can survive in most climates and only require basic care to make sure they stay healthy and add to the beauty of your aquarium.

Fish Tank Plants Decorations


Depending on the size of your aquarium, you can use all kinds of driftwood in it. In most cases, it is only the size of the piece that matters, and you can go for almost any popular type of wood. The most common types include Apple, Alder, Cherry, Beech, Oak, Heather, Birch, Sycamore, and Pear. However, the most popular of all is bonsai driftwood which allows you to fit complete trees into small aquariums and they give a much better look.

Driftwood Aquatic Decoration

Rocks and Stones

Rocks are a tricky thing to manage in aquariums and choosing the wrong type can even ruin the setup of your aquarium as well. There are very few rocks and stones that you can use in an aquarium without potentially harming the habitat in it. However, there are some that work perfectly and those are lava rocks and pumice stone. In fact, pumice stones are also incredibly lightweight and are often used as floating rocks to create a new dimension in the aquarium.

Floating Rock Decor

Buying the Right Thing

There is a chance of deception in buying decorations for aquariums, so you need to be extremely careful when choosing an aquarium shop. Choose a shop with good reviews and history providing good products to its customers. This is even more important if you are buying your bonsai driftwood, fish tank plants, or floating rocks online.

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