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What Are the Best Low-Light Aquarium Plants?

by Micro Aquatic Shop 29 May 2021 0 Comments

Low Light Plants

You would know that all aquatic plants have a light source to grow and flourish if you have been in the aquarium hobby for a while. However, not every plant is equivalent in lighting requirements: some need more than others, while others do not need so much.

Do you want a low-tech aquarium with lovely plants where you do not have to buy a costly lighting device and install it?

Well, here is a list of Aquatic plants 

Java Fern Aquarium Plants

Java ferns

Java fern is yet another famous sight on lists that beginners and experienced plant keepers are fond of for low-light aquariums. Java fern is the best when connected to driftwood and rocks like Anubias. All you need is a bit of fish lining or super glue or and wait until it gets secured.

Flame Moss Aquarium Plants

Java moss

It grows in low and high light, both light-wise. However, according to the lighting choice you select, you will note a difference. A darker and lanker plant is provided by low light, whereas high lightings produce a denser compact plant. The higher the light, the greater the likelihood of algae growth. Java moss is a tough aquatic moss fitted to both underwater and above rocks to provide a more natural look for any aquarium environment.

You will want to add carbon dioxide or fertilizer to speed up growth, but it is unnecessary and will only grow well without this.

Fish tank moss is helpful.

Live aquarium plants must be anchored in the gravel or floating on the left. You can attach moss to objects that go deep into the centre of the tank quickly.

Do you have problem spot algae where a plant cannot be anchored?

You will likely be able to flourish there for the nitrates and light-weight algae, one or more species of fish tank moss.

You can produce endless forms with fish tank moss, from fluffy trees to cave overhangs. What you need is a couple of scissors. 

Where can we buy aquatic plants?

There are online stores present for you to buy online such as Micro Aquatic Shop, the Australian online aquarium storeMoreover, you can buy it from our shop at reasonable prices.                                                       


Conditions preferred

The new plant should be placed in an area that describes its preferred conditions so the plant should not be moved later. However, it is better to position the plant in a shaded area if you shift the plant from low to high-light if your other plants can do it or lower your lighting conditions. It might be best to position the plant directly under the lights if you shift a plant from high to low lighting.

Always ensure that there are no decaying leaves in the plant you buy; the leaves should be complete and vivid in colour. In addition, make sure that whatever plant you decide to get is compatible with your fish or invertebrates.

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