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Aquatic Plants

Aquarium Plants That Clean The Water of Your Fish Tank

by Hoang Nguyen 30 Jul 2016 0 Comments

The presence of plants such as Bucephalandra or Moss in an aquarium will not just make it looks more beautiful, but also stronger and more vibrant. If you manage freshwater plants, the filtration of the water will take place in a very natural way.

The fish will be healthy and it will ensure that the aquarium will be safe and secure. With the presence of plants, there will be a number of benefits. These benefits include safety, comfort, reproduction and availability of food.

you should place good quality plants in the aquarium so that you can maintain the healthy and hygienic condition in a very efficient manner.


Aquarium plants that clean the water


Choosing the plants

The tips offered by experts will help you choose the best Aquarium Plants. Even though you will be tempted to set up various kinds of plants in the aquarium, you should settle for the best so that the benefits are derived from fish without fail. The water quality should be maintained on a continuous basis.

As soon as the water is present in the aquarium, you can fill it with plants. However, you should have access to the right kind of tools so that there will not be any damage while planting. Plants are selected to position them at three different locations.

They are background, midground and foreground. The requirement of light for each type of plant will be different. If you provide the best setup, the plants will grow in a very efficient way.

1. Foreground plants

Java Moss, Willow Moss, and Water Wisteria are some of the popular foreground plants. They stay very low to the ground. The entire floor of the aquarium will be spread horizontally. There will be the highest level of water quality with foreground plants. A lot of water will be filtered in the shortest possible time.

The maintenance required for Java Moss is very low. It will grow very quickly and it is very difficult to kill the plant. If the plant is attached to a rock, it will crawl over the surface of the tank. You can find very low carpet-like appearance.

The plant experiences the highest level of growth at 73 degrees. If there is a medium-high lighting condition, there will be excellent growth. Java Moss can be used for decorative purpose and for protection.


2. Background plants

You can manage Amazon Sword very easily. it is a midground plant meant for a freshwater aquarium. The plant can be maintained very easily. The fast-growing plant can be arranged in the most beautiful way without any issues. The plant can grow up to 20 inches. You can plant them in the mid-background area.

You can identify the plant with the large sword-like leaves. If the water temperature is in between 72 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit, there will be the best growth.

There will be optimal growth in medium lighting. The plant can be used for background decoration so that the plumbing job will be hidden and it can be used for protection as well.


3. Midground plants

Java Fern, Anubias Nana and Pygmy Chain Sword are midground plants. It is a low maintenance plant and there will be impressive looks. There will not be any distraction from the hardscape and it can be planted in any area in the aquarium. The semi-striped plant comes with thick leaves and it appears in bunches.

The preferred water temperature for the plant is in between 72 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit. There will be optimal growth in low medium lighting. The plant can be used for decorative purpose and protection.


Usage of Freshwater plants

Freshwater aquarium plants can be used in various ways. They will deliver a natural aquarium carpet. Fish will find the best hiding place. Aquarium fixtures are concealed and the environment will be very much balanced. If you are a beginner, you should select plants in a very careful way. best plants will be in green colour.

If you go for green plants, there will not be much requirement of direct sunlight. If there is too much sunlight, it will lead to algae growth and the overall aquarium environment will be affected. Thus, you will want to extend your hands for more maintenance and cleaning. The selection of plants should be done based on the appearance, water temperature, lighting and function.

There are easy plants which can thrive in any environment without any issues. they can thrive in low-light aquariums as well. the growth of aquarium plants is enhanced through the low light supply.

Beginners will also be able to manage plants in a very efficient way if they possess knowledge. Beautiful scenes will be created in the aquarium so that there will not be any issues.

Aquarium Plants that clean water pollution


Protection of plants

Most of the beginner plants are hard to kill. They are tolerable to a variety of water conditions. You can study the behaviour and requirements of various kinds of aquatic plants and it is possible to settle for the best plant without any issues.

After choosing the plants very carefully, you should get the cutting of the plant that you want to grow. You can purchase plants at a local pet store as well without any issues. if you would like to minimize the cost, they can be purchased from hobby specialists online. ensure that plants do not carry inhabitants such as snails and shrimp which will lead to bacteria and other kinds of diseases. You should maintain good tank hygiene.

Most of the aquarium plants should be submerged in water completely. Hence, you should ensure that they are not dried out. Plants can be anchored from an aesthetic point of view. You should provide light so that the photosynthesis will be done in the best possible way. the light requirement varies from one plant to another plant. Hence, appropriate lighting conditions should be arranged so that there will be great growth. The water should be changed periodically.

The algae should be removed and the plants should be pruned to shape.

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