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Dumbo Ear Red...

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Red High Dorsal...

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Unique German White...

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Let’s face it, not all of us have the time or money to invest in a large fish tank. They require some constant care special equipments to maintain, which is a pleasure for some and a bit too much for others. For these others, we want to recommend our rare and unique Guppy collection.

They are beautiful small little fish that come in a variety of colours and strains. These fish need very little care and support and adds a very beautiful attraction to the fish tank. They come in blue, red, orange and yellow colours with glowing patterns and outstanding brightness. A perfect pet to keep in bowls, they are also great acquisitions for larger tanks as well. They blend well with the plants and living conditions in the tank and you will never get bored watching these vibrant little fish dash from end to the other in your tank. 

Guppies are good pets that require very little love from our side but gives love in bountifuls. Have a great day and happy Guppy shopping ❤️! 

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