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Based on a true story - I tamed wild guppies right in my guppy's aquarium.

by Catherine Tran 17 Aug 2023 0 Comments

I'm wondering how many aquarists here have their own guppy aquarium? Raise your hand if you have it? ✋✋✋✋


When it comes to guppies, everyone knows this friendly fish, they are easily seen in many places even in ponds in the wild.

I still remember how I went from catching guppies in the pond and back to raising them in an aquarium, so I had beautiful guppies right at my desk.

There is one interesting thing about fish skin colour change that I want to tell you…

This I have never heard anyone say publicly before…

Guppies are brought from the pond to the indoor aquarium, and their skin will change colour, from dark skin colour to brighter skin colour.

And I find them much more luxurious after being in my tank for a while

In this article, I will tell you about some very strange but very interesting traits that I discovered myself from a guppy aquarium after I had tamed them.

This is my true story!

On a beautiful afternoon when I went out with some friends, we went to lunch.

And then a friend of mine saw guppies in that restaurant's outdoor pond.

She went in to ask the owner of a few guppies to adopt, I also wanted to try to keep them.

The owner of the restaurant is a kind person, he gave us 4-5 guppies each, and he also gave us a jar to hold the fish.

He was really nice and if I remember the name of that restaurant I will definitely recommend you to eat there. Incredibly wonderful.

He also gave us advice…

"They breed very quickly, you should prepare a larger tank so they can swim freely"

We smiled at the owner and said goodbye to go home.

I brought them home and kept them in a 5-gallon aquarium available at home. Looking at them at that time, they were very eager, they were lively and swimming very quickly.

And as I said above, the skin of the guppies was then dark in colour, these fish had a beautiful colourful tail fin that was large and fan-shaped compared to the rest of the body.

Their body is large and quite wild, and they are also quite aggressive when they first enter the tank (I think it’s because they are not used to the new tank).

The rest of the fins have different colours and patterns, and the motifs focus on the caudal fin.

The food I gave them at that time was in the form of small pellets, but because it was so hard when they ate the food, they spit it out and I saw them do this again and again until they chewed the food.

I went to the fish store to buy more oxygen stuff in the water, a Red Root Floater, 2 branches of Java moss and finer food for them to eat.

Phyllanthus Fluitans - Red Root Floater

Since there are only 5 members and I'm not sure if there are any females here or if they are reproduction, I keep them because they are beautiful and because I want to have friends to work with.

And then my work is more lively because of the guppies, I really enjoy watching them swim while working. They help me reduce stress very effectively.

Some days later, I looked back at my guppy aquarium, I was really surprised that their skin had gone from a dark colour to a brighter colour (like the guppies you see now at the aquarium store).

They’re also more gentle and friendly and look forward to feeding.

They became docile and obedient, they even understood when it was time to eat when I tapped on the side of the tank.

Can you believe it? 

I have successfully tamed the first 5 guppies in my life.

Feeling very happy. 😍😍😍😍😍😍

And to reward them, I treated them to bloodworms, frozen salted shrimp. They are quite pleased with these items.

I was planning on moving them to a larger tank and was going to put them behind the workbench and I realized one more surprise…

3 guppies out of 5 were pregnant and their bellies protruded.

I immediately called my 2 friends and let them know and I also asked if their fish had spawned yet?

They congratulated me and said all their guppies were male and they were waiting to see my healthy school of guppies.

I separated 2 pregnant guppies into another tank and bought more Java moss, Java ferns and duckweed to give them a quiet environment for spawning.


 All my attention is on the 2 pregnant fish, I look forward to seeing the fish give birth for the first time.

And then that day came, at that moment, they were quite stressed when they were about to give birth, they swam quickly and were worried. 

I was worried too, but just sat and watched and wished everything went smoothly.

After a while the baby fish emerged from the black hole below the mother's belly, the mother had to dip her body so that the juvenile fish could come out quickly.


I also quickly separate the fry so that the mother does not eat the young.

The spawning process takes 30-45 minutes and the number of fry is over 20.

I let the juvenile fish take care of a separate tank and released the mother fish back to the big tank. Now let's start a new journey in this beautiful world!

The juveniles will survive well for 1 week as they will eat the ovum from the tail, then switch to a diet for the fry.

Then they mature and reproduce again. That is the law of nature and the life of my guppy aquarium.

As soon as the population of guppies in the tank increased, I gave gifts to friends and relatives and taught them basic care.

I know their average lifespan is 2 years, but in good care, conditions can be up to 3 years.


To increase the difference and make the community tank more attractive, I considered the options of tables and tanks for guppies: Neon Tetra, Cory Catfish, Pleco Fluffy, Ghost Shrimp,...

Nowadays, there are a lot of types of guppies in aquarium shops and they have extremely beautiful, healthy fish at very good prices.

Do you have your own guppy fish aquarium tank?

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Thank you for reading this article and I’ll see you again in the next article.


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