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Did you know that there's a sheep in the water?!

by Micro Aquatic Shop 23 Sep 2020 0 Comments

No Im not talking about the popular character from Youtuber PewDiepies Minecraft series. Im talking about this little creature.


Photo from


This is the Leaf Sheep (Costasiella Kuroshimae), a tiny sea slug that looks like a plant or a sheep. They are normally found around Japan, Indonesia, and the Philippines! They can grow from 5mm to 1cm in length.


The strangest thing about this animal is that they get their food mostly from Photosynthesis (process of transforming light energy into chemical energy), they eat Algae, in which they suck the chloroplasts (important organelles that conduct photosynthesis) from the algae and


combine it into their leaf like body part, a process called kleptoplasty. This is where they are able to do photosynthesis whenever food like algae is scarce.



Photo from


Their face looks like a sheep or cow combined with a plant body. This fella in the picture looks like it is begging for food!


If you love this Sea Slug youll surely love its cousin the Sea Bunny.

Photo from


A distant cousin of the Leaf sheep, the sea bunnys earsare not actually ears! Shocking! They are actually rhinophores, which they use for tasting or smelling chemicals around it while making its way across the ocean. They are similarly found around the same areas the Leaf Sheep lives in, which is Japan, Indonesia, and the Philippines.


Lets get back to who were really talking about, the Leaf Sheep, it would be a great addition to any aquarium if you can find a local pet or fish store that sells them!

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