What might save us, poisons them!


People around the world is affected by the Pandemic that spread so fast, no country was prepared enough to stop it!


We are careful now though, we use facemasks to protect ourselves from people who sneeze or cough in public. Some stay inside their homes and pray this all blows over soon. One significant thing is that we use disinfectants around us regularly now. Sprays, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizers, or any cleansing solution that kills bacteria!


But what we dont know is that if you are an Aquarium hobbyist or owner, sanitizers or rubbing alcohol can be fatal for your fish friends.


Due to the pandemic rubbing sanitizers or ourselves have become second nature to us not knowing how deadly it can be for some animal.


Fish tank or aquarium owners most likely would not knowingly stick their hands inside the fish tank or feed the fishes right after sanitizing themselves, which fish ingests them and slowly gets poisoned by it.


Photo from Pinterest.com

Though fish are the only types of pet that has a fatal side effect from minimal alcohol ingestion, it is suggested by experts to avoid letting pets lick the hands of owners that recently disinfected themselves.

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