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Finally I Figured Out How To Use Seachem Prime In The Most Effective Way!

by Catherine Tran 15 Aug 2023 0 Comments

Seachem Prime is no longer a stranger to aquarists like us and when I researched this liquid

I realize there are still many aquarists using it in the wrong way, overdosing seachem prime and leading to bad situations, that is their fish die soon after being into the tank.

To avoid the unfortunate situation that will happen with fish and shrimp tanks, I have had a conversation with old customers and when I asked them

“How did you use Seachem Prime for your tank?”


You know, it's just a nice question because I want to know if my customers have any problems and if I can help them.

And did you know, I have received a lot of sharing, success stories about using seachem prime.

Someone told me they took an overdose and lack of understanding led to the unfortunate fact that their fish was gone forever. (even immediately)

I'm so sorry to hear about this…😢😢😢😢



But someone also told me what they did was successful and how it works for all aquariums, even for beginners.

So today, I will summarize and share with you the most effective ways they have used seachem prime to protect their aquariums.

Follow my lead!

Do you really know how seachem prime works?

I see a lot of aquarists being intrigued when it comes to this product and its exact purpose is used to regulate water quality.

Removes toxic compounds and reduces ammonium, nitrite, and nitrate levels in the aquarium and helps your fish breathe without problems.

Before you add tap water to your tank, you should use seachem prime to remove these compounds, as they can harm the fish and essential bacteria in the tank.

In addition, seachem prime provides antibacterial and antioxidant ingredients to help protect the fish's immune system.


So when do you need to use Seachem Prime for aquariums?

When changing new water into the tank, use seachem prime to protect fish from toxins such as ammonium, and nitrite.

I must tell you when starting a new aquarium because the system is not stable at this point and the concentration of toxins is often higher.

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How to use seachem prime in your aquarium safely and effectively?

**Step #1

You need to measure the amount of water to adjust: Determine the right amount of water to add to the tank or the amount of water that you will be replacing during the water change.

**Step #2

Calculate the dosage of seachem prime solution, although there are instructions on the back of the bottle from the experience of people who have used seachem prime effectively, 500ml can handle 5,000 gallons of water or 1ml of seachem prime can handle 200 litres of tap water contains 1 ppm chlorine.

Someone told me they usually do 2 drops per gallon.

You should use a measuring pen to measure the amount of seachem prime you need to use based on the volume of water you measured in Step 1.

And this is step #3, you will add seachem prime to the new water and stir the water in the tank to make sure the water mixture is evenly diluted.

This tank is usually empty of fish or you can keep the fish in a separate tank during this water treatment.

Next, you can comfortably go somewhere for entertainment because the waiting time is quite long and it depends on the adjusted amount of water and the dose of seachem prime used. Usually, after about 30 - 45 minutes, the water in the tank will be safe for fish.

And now you can put the fish back in the tank and watch them enjoy their new water!

Are you concerned about…

“How do I know if the water is safe for my fish or shrimp? Will water cause their death?”

Many years ago, this was actually the same question I asked myself when I first heard about seachem prime.

Everyone has their first moments of confusion, right?

Don't worry, I'll get back to you right away

A sign that your tank is safe from fish is the distinct smell of the water, which is usually more aromatic and does not have a chlorine smell.

If you measure the pH of the water after adding Seachem Prime and find it stable within the right pH range for your fish, this is a good sign.

You should also regularly check the water indicators in the tank (using a test kit), and see that ammonium, nitrite, and nitrate are all at safe levels (ammonium and nitrite are almost absent, nitrate is low), then the environment is already relatively safe for fish and shrimp.


There is only one last step, which is…

Observe the behaviour of fish and shrimp. If after a short time after adding Seachem Prime, you see that the fish and shrimp in the tank are playing and swimming normally, without signs of anxiety, shortness of breath, or strange colours, then this is a positive sign.

And after your tank has all the above requirements…

Congratulations! 👏️🎉👏️🎉👏️🎉

You are the expert for your aquarium on how to use seachem prime.  😎😎😎


But you shouldn't have gone to sleep after the big win, okay?

While seachem prime helps reduce toxicity from tap water and protects fish, it's not a guarantee for every situation. Most importantly you must regularly monitor the water indicators and fish behavior to ensure the safety of the system.

Right now, when it comes to shrimp and fish, I have some suggestions for you if you are a beginner and you are not sure which fish to choose.

When starting to keep aquarium fish or freshwater shrimp, you should choose those that are easy to care for, healthy and less likely to get sick to get used to aquarium maintenance. Here are some fish and shrimp suitable for beginners:




Neon Tetra 

Red Cherry Shrimp 


When starting a new tank and after treating the water with seachem prime. You should wait a short time to make sure the water has stabilized (usually about 24-48 hours) before you can add fish or shrimp to the tank.

A quick free check of freshwater fish, and freshwater shrimp that are on Flash Sale today.

Now you have enough information about how to use Seachem Prime correctly, effectively and safely for your aquarium.


Click Here To buy Now and I’ll see you in the next articles!

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