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The Aquarium Fish Store Near Me Sell NEW COMBO Shrimp And Aquatic Plants - Part 2

by Catherine Tran 14 Aug 2023 0 Comments

Welcome back to the Micro Aquatic Shop blog post - The best place to buy freshwater fish online.

Today I continue to reveal 2 newly launched combos, which are combos of aquatic plants in freshwater tanks for beginners at very good prices.

If you haven't read post #1 I introduced 3 new combos including shrimp-eating algae and aquatic plants, you can read that article here or part 2 in this article I will quickly summarize for you.

Now sit and fasten your seat belt, I'll walk you to combo #4

Java Moss X Java Fern X Trident Java Fern: The Special Bundle

Java Moss X Java Fern X Trident Java Fern

Java Moss X Java Fern is an inseparable duo and the ultimate foundation for beginners and expert aquarists as they start a new tank.

When it comes to Trident Java Fern, many people easily confuse it with Java Fern Needle Leaf


So how to distinguish between them?

The main difference is that the Trident Java Fern has leaves that are divided into three lobes at the top, like a trident or forked.

The leaves of Trident Java Fern are wider and have a serrated leaf texture.

Java Moss X Java Fern X Trident Java Fern is a good shelter for algae-eating fish and shrimp that like to feed on these live plants.

To create the ideal breeding ground for your shrimp and fish, Click here now to instantly add to your aquarium.

Finally, Combo #5 Java Fern X Java Moss X Cyanoacrylate Glue: Special Bundle


I know a lot of aquarists who always want to design their own live plants to decorate their tank according to their wishes.

I mean if you want to stick it on driftwood or you want to stick 2 different types of aquatic plants according to your preference.

Because you are a talented designer for your aquarium tank, right?

So I want to mention Cyanoacrylate Glue in this combo #5:

Java Fern X Java Moss X Cyanoacrylate Glue

I will share with you more about how I used the glue effectively and without harming your fish.

Let's check the benefits of Cyanoacrylate Glue


Glue is safe for aquariums because it dries quickly in contact with water and is non-toxic to your fish.

You can use super glue to fix most aquarium decorations because the glue is very durable.

The main active ingredient of super glue is cyanoacrylate. This chemical forms a strong and stable bond with water and water acts as a catalyst in the curing process.

Furthermore, the adhesive is known for its moisture resistance and durability to tank temperatures. It is aquarium safe and convenient when you want to repair or link any aquarium equipment.

Besides, the super glue is safe for all types of freshwater, saltwater and reef aquariums because it doesn't release any harmful chemicals that are dangerous to fish.

You should make sure no super glue particles are floating in the tank water because the fish will be curious and eat it.

How to safely apply superglue in an aquarium?

First, you need to remove the items from the aquarium that you want to put together. Thoroughly dry the items (dry, sun-dry, or use a hair dryer), wiping away moss and dirt.

Next, you apply a thin layer of super glue on the area you want to stick. Then quickly connect both items together (have to be quick because the glue will dry easily)

Hold for 30-45 seconds to secure the two items. Finally, you need to check for any cracks before placing the items back into the aquarium.

If there are no cracks and are sure after placing the objects back into the aquarium, then the glue has been used successfully.

Where to use super glue in the aquarium?

Super Glue is the most commonly used aquarium glue that is effective in crafting your aquarium decoration just the way you want it.

Glue for aquatic plants.


Super glue is a great way to glue aquatic plants. It creates an acrylic bond between the plant and the surface of the aquarium, helping the plant to stand.

You can safely glue aquatic plants to driftwood, rocks, or other pieces of wood. The glue helps you create decorative designs according to your requirements.

When should super glue not be used in the aquarium?

Not suitable for aquarium wall stickers. This is due to the textured nature of the glue that is only made to stick things like aquatic plants or decorations.

If you want to glue the fish tank, I think silicone will be the more optimal choice. Should ask a consultant when choosing the type of glue for the exterior of the aquarium.

You can take a look at the free here

But if you are in urgent need and want to get home quickly, click here now.

We move on to part two in this article, I'll give a quick talk about the 3 combos in the previous post for those of you who haven't read it, and it is:

Algae Eater X Red Cherry Shrimp X Ghost Shrimp


When it comes to freshwater shrimp, we have the perfect trio of Famous Algae Eater, Red Cherry Shrimp and Ghost Shrimp.

If you need to recruit an algae-eating assistant that works 24/7, this is a good choice for you.

Prices are cheap and I call-to-action for all beginners aquarists in Australia to grab this opportunity as customers have already purchased and they are extremely satisfied with the quick acclimation in the tank of these 3 shrimps.

Next is Java Moss X Java Fern X Java Fern Needle Leaf.


I can't stop raving about the power trio when present in any aquarist's aquarium.

They are natural water filters that work continuously, helping to prevent algae growth and also provide a shelter and feeding environment for shrimp and fish in your tank.

If you are looking for something different in aquatic plants that are both underwater and floating on the surface, the Java Fern X Duckweed X Java Moss is for you.

The special thing about this combo is that you have both aquatic plants stuck on driftwood or planted in the substrate, but you also have live plants floating on the water.


And it can't be argued that Duckweed is the fish's oxygenator - guppies love it.

And those are the 5 newly launched combos of Micro Aquatic Shop.

We would like to thank our customers for always choosing to buy combos for their aquariums and for leaving many honest reviews about the best place to buy freshwater fish online.




Hey you - our reader, Micro Aquatic Shop is the online aquarium store Australia to buy 5 combos of shrimp and aquatic plants.

And for a meaningful end of this journey through 5 combos, quickly click on the link below to grab your favourite combo and take it home today.

Now thank you and see ya in the next posts.



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