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The Aquarium Fish Store Near Me Sell NEW COMBO Shrimp And Aquatic Plants.

by Catherine Tran 13 Aug 2023 0 Comments

Hey yo, what’s up,

Welcome back to the blog post of Micro Aquatic Shop.

NEW COMBO shrimp and aquatic plants are being warmly welcomed by customers because they are so convenient and the price is very good.

What specifically includes those NEW combos?

Today I'm gonna share with you the great combo from the aquarium fish store near you live.

I found that customers in Micro Aquatic Shop were amazing when the aquarium store just launched the new combo and they immediately took advantage of it and it’s undeniable that they loved the convenience of this combo.

Ready, sit in a safe and I’ll walk you through three combos for your tank!


The first is for those who love shrimp, love shrimp so so much (I can say that who’s addicted to shrimp keepers ).

But anyone who doesn't love shrimp must also love it, because even myself when I looked at this combo, I had to say...

Wow! What a great bargain!

These bundles include Algae Eater X Red Cherry Shrimp X Ghost Shrimp.

Algae Eater X Red Cherry Shrimp X Ghost Shrimp: The Special Bundle

When it comes to algae-eating shrimp, you immediately think to the Algae Eater X Red Cherry Shrimp X Ghost Shrimp

I can list a few benefits when you own this combo:

✅ Helps you clean 24/7 the amount of algae in the tank (even at midnight)

✅ Contributes vibrancy to your tank.

✅ Very easy to take care for (they can take care of each other, do you know that ?)

✅ Gentle, hyperactive, and friendly with other tank mates.

A few days ago I received an email from a customer named Daniel:

“The shrimps are quite quick to adapt to my tank and this combo is really great. I can look for other livestock in other shops but when choosing to buy combos I always choose Micro Aquatic. How did you come up with such a great new combo like this ?”

Well, very interesting, but anyways, thanks for buying from MAS!

Personally, it's hard for me to find an aquarium shop near me that sells combos with high quality like this!!

This is a new combo of the shop that has just launched.

If you are a newbie, this is an irresistible offer that you should not skip, it is suitable for you because MAS design it for you to make it easy to start your first freshwater tank.

But if you are an expert with many nice tanks, then you can't miss this chance, it’s a very good price (I would say they are CHEAP).

You can watch it for FREE here.

Or if you're ready to take them home, grab them right NOW.

(Maybe it will sell out quickly, how can you get this high-quality, healthy algae-eating shrimp combo for only $8.95 AUD. And is there a local aquarium store near you that sells them?)

We move to the next combo of aquatic plants: Java Moss X Java Fern X Java Fern Needle Leaf.


When it comes to aquatic plants, do you want them to live healthy, don’t take much time to prune and especially your fish must love them?

Java Moss X Java Fern X Java Fern Needle Leaf will be a great combo for your shrimp and fish shelter.

Java moss (Taxiphyllum barbieri) is a popular and versatile aquatic plant commonly used in aquariums.

With a lush appearance and can be attached to different surfaces such as rocks, driftwood or substrates.

Java moss provides excellent shelter for small fish and fry and acts as a natural filter by absorbing excess nutrients.

The common Java fern is another popular choice among aquarists.

It has distinctive frilled leaves that can be attached to rocks or driftwood.

This is a hardy plant that is great for beginners as it can tolerate a wide variety of conditions and water parameters.

The coniferous Java fern is a specific type of Java fern that has narrower, more pointed leaves than the common Java Fern.

The needle-shaped leaves create an elegant and sophisticated look, making it a popular choice for aquaponics and creating a natural feel in aquariums.

I bet your “water pets” will love this combo decoration.

In addition to providing shelter, they also enhance the aesthetics of your aquarium

And you know what, customers who bought aquatic plants at MAS reviewed this:



I'm not sure you'll see the comments clearly but you will see all the 5-star reviews, right?

Once again I will put it here, so you can watch it for FREE.

But if you can't keep reading this article and you want to take it home right now, Click here now.

The third combo in this article is Java Fern X Duckweed X Java Moss.


Could not be less attractive than above, and I wonder how the Micro Aquatic Shop’s team can be so generous and love their customers sooooo much.


Let's deep digging the aquatic plants included in combo #3 to see how much the MAS’s team takes care of your aquarium tank.

Besides two extremely popular plants that everyone should have for their tank are Java Fern vs Java Moss.


A special element in this combo is Duckweed.

If you like floating, this is exactly the best for you.

I like Duckweed for many reasons:


✅ They have a good water filter mode, helping to increase the oxygen present in the water.

✅ Increase the beauty of your tank.

✅ Growth factor under the right conditions.

✅ Guppy loves to play and seek under the duckweed.

What do you think when your aquarium has this combo when 2 types of java plants are in the water and the duckweed is floating above?

Wow, I'm imagining it right now in front of my eyes…

It's the scene of a fresh aquarium tank and your fish enjoying playing with each other while you sit in front of the tank and are satisfied.

You may hear your fish are happy because you’ve created a good environment for them to live in.

Yup, that’s a happy environment.

This is really great that any aquarist wants his pets to be healthy and happy.

I'll leave the link here so you can watch it for free and take it home right now.

Micro Aquatic Shop very understanding of the customer’s needs when it comes to launching new combos.

Not only suitable for the hobbies of many customers but also affordable, saving costs and bringing absolute joy to customers.

I really appreciate that and the clients love the way MAS advises.

Okay, great. So I walked you through all three combos in this article.

But don't forget these are just 3 new combos, they have 2 more new combos that I will tell you in detail in the next article.

However, I will give you this Hint SECRET first and you can view it here.

See ya! 👋👋👋




p.s Where to buy aquarium fish near me?

Micro Aquatic Shop - Aquarium Fish For Sale Near Me.

Unit 15, 2-8 Daniel Street, Wetherill Park, NSW 2164

Customer support: (02) 8320 3037

Email: support@microaquaticshop.com.au

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