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Beginners Guide

The Complete Guide to Dwarf Gourami Breeding.

by Catherine Tran 29 Aug 2023 0 Comments

You are reading this article and want to learn about how to breed Dwarf Gourami at home with a high survival rate like the experts at the fish store do. Well, you've come to the right place. In this article, I will share all the things you need to prepare and the tips that you apply to the Dwarf Gourami cubs that have a high survival rate.

If you have not read about how to take care of them, you can read it here:

Care Guide Dwarf Gourami Professionally Like An Expert For Beginners.

Let's get started!

Choose Dwarf Gourami to breed.

Dwarf-Honey- Gourami-for-sale

Like many fish kept in aquariums, the Dwarf Gourami usually matures to a small size. When choosing couple for breeding, you need to pay attention to the following characteristics:

Males dwarf gourami should look healthy and smaller than their tank mates. Female dwarf gourami should have a plump appearance with a round belly. Both sexes must be at least 6 months old, preferably 8-12 months. Both sexes should be active, healthy-looking fish.

Females often lay eggs even when there are no males. You can keep multiple females per male if necessary.

If you are having trouble finding young dwarf gourami to breed, you can try the following alternatives:

Use different types of gourds such as pumpkin or green gourds. Use other similar spawning fish such as Swordtails, Platies or Mollies.

As you'll see later in this tutorial, there's no reason you couldn't incorporate some of these alternative breeding methods for Dwarf Gourami.

Prepare the tank.

Dwarf-Honey- Gourami-for-sale

To successfully breed Dwarf Gourami, you need to prepare a separate spawning tank for them. This can be a tank of any size, but it's best to use something smaller to give the fish more space for spawning activities.

You can place your regular aquarium somewhere nearby so you can keep a close eye on the fish and make sure they stay healthy.

A standard aquarium of 20 liters will be suitable for breeding them.

You'll want to set up your spawning tank with plenty of hiding places, and aquatic plants and floating plants. Floating plants are especially useful because they will release a small amount of plant fertilizer into the water, helping the plants to grow in your regular tank.

You should also install a small capacity filter in the spawning tank as you don't want to risk sucking up all the fry when it's time to move them.

How to breed Dwarf Gourami.

When keeping Dwarf Gourami, you must first decide if you want to keep them in the same tank as your main fish or in a completely separate tank.

The best idea is to use a separate tank, especially if your Dwarf Gourami has tank mates that can disrupt their spawning

When you keep fish, make sure you closely monitor the temperature of the water in the tank. Juveniles are more affected by temperature changes in the aquatic environment than adults.

The amount of water you keep in the aquarium should not exceed 15 cm and maintain it at about 10 cm. The bottom of the tank may have a suitable thin layer of substrate (Sand is a popular choice).

After six months, the Dwarf Gourami can breed and the adult males will be ready to start building their nests.

To start the breeding process, you can regulate your breeding pairs by feeding them live food such as worms. Make sure you do this in their spawning environment.

After you train them, it will take some time before the males start building nests. If you want to encourage this process, setting the temperature of the tank to 28℃-30℃ does the trick. Make sure you keep all the right elements in the tank for the best chance or breed them successfully.

Dwarf-Honey- Gourami-for-sale

The nest they build will look like milky foam. Since this structure is not very sturdy, it is important to have a weak flow in the tank so as not to damage their eggs.

After the adult male completes the nest, the female will lay many eggs. The males will capture them and place them in the nests they have built. After the female has released all of her eggs, they should be returned to the tank where she keeps her main fish.

Within 25-30 hours after the eggs are transferred by the male to the nest, the first larvae will begin to develop and reveal their shape. These larvae will stay in the nest for several days after they emerge.

When the fry begins to leave the nest, place the male fish back into the main aquarium. Also, make sure fish food is a regular source in the spawning tank. It is appropriate to feed fry infusoria for the first few weeks and then you can feed them cyclops, daphnia or artemia as a food source.

When the fry reaches a healthy size of 0.6-0.8 inches, you can add them to the main tank.

Dwarf Gourami for sale.

Are you wondering where all the Dwarf Gourami fry go? That is perfectly understandable! Here are some places where you can sell Gourami:

Local pet fish store.

Some fish stores even buy Dwarf Gourami fry, either in person or online. You may want to check out some of the best places to find rare fish locally.

Community fish group.


There are several dedicated forums where you can advertise Dwarf Gourami. Remember to take good photos and provide detailed information about your fish, such as the age and number of Dwarf Gourami for sale. You can also refer to some other online classifieds sites.

Local aquarium fish club.

If you are already a member of an aquarium club, you can post information on how to breed Dwarf Gourami in your aquarium. This way you can give your local club the chance to experience their natural habitat.

Online auctions and classifieds ads. You can list Dwarf Gourami fish for sale online through various auction sites. You can also list them on sites like Reddit, but it's important to be careful when meeting or dealing with potential buyers.

After you sell Dwarf Gourami, make sure to always practice safe fish farming. This means that you should never release any of your aquarium fish into your local river, canal, pond, lake or sea without first contacting the appropriate authorities.

It is best not to sell fish through online classified ads. Instead, try searching for local aquarium clubs or specialty fish stores in your area.

If you have previously tried to sell Dwarf Gourami and had no luck, make sure you post your ad online at least 3 months after spawning. This is because the fry can take about 3 months to reach sexual maturity and start looking for a mate.

If you are still having trouble selling Dwarf Gourami, you might consider starting an online classifieds blog about fish for sale. Although the initial investment in time and effort is a lot, it means that you will be able to sell Dwarf Gourami fry to a much larger audience in the long run.


With so many options for selling Dwarf Gourami, it's certainly not difficult to ensure that you have plenty of healthy fish in your aquarium. However, if you are still having trouble selling your fry, don't lose hope! As mentioned earlier, there are several ways to sell dwarf Gourami fry.

All of these options will require a significant amount of time and effort for you to put together. However, the good news is that you will eventually be able to sell your Dwarf Gourami fry without too many problems.

Breeding Dwarf Gourami can be a very enjoyable experience for you and the process is very unique if you make sure your conditions are right, always controlling your spawning tank as provided in the info. believe above.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us using the information below. See you in the next articles.

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