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Colorful aquatic world in the Pet Store

by JennyAquarium 29 Aug 2023 0 Comments

Colorful aquatic world in the Pet Store

Aquatic plants are known as a decoration for the aquarium, creating vitality for it. It not only helps the aquarium's colors but also brings benefits to the ecosystem in your Aquarium.

Having aquatic plants means having oxygen:

Although it is an aquatic plant, its effect is no different from that of terrestrial plants. From photosynthesis, to CO2 absorption and emission, the exchange process takes place between CO2 that fish give off and the O2 mix in the water. Fish and Aquatic Plants "need each other." So it is very necessary for you to grow aquatic plants, just like humans need to breathe.  Colorata aquatic

A natural beautiful aquarium thanks to aquatic plants:

Thanks to aquatic plants, no matter how "boring" the place is, it will brighten up, create a feeling of coolness," and have life. So, in addition to buying beautiful fish, the view in the aquarium is also the deciding factor in whether an aquarium is luxurious and fancy or not. Do the fish really feel happy and stress free when resting? Riccia aquatic

You won't have to worry about algae because of aquatic plants:

Aquatic plants are the "enemies" of algae because they will prevent the growth and proliferation of dirty water and algae from eating less nutrients from fish. We should plant fast-growing aquatic species to remove the algae that are invading the aquarium day by day.

Aquatic plants are the place to witness the birth of the fry:

When spawning, aquatic plants can help pregnant fish hide and have a safe, cool place to give birth. At the same time, limit other fish from disturbing and threatening the fry. Therefore, aquatic plants are very necessary in this miniature environment because they are the most natural thing that your fish feels. Java fern Aquatic


Aquatic plants are the "lungs" that filter chemicals in the Aquarium:

Helps to improve water quality, filter fish waste, and absorb some important nutrients. Although it is not possible to use aquatic plants to replace the mechanical filter, its support is absolutely necessary.

Buy aquatic plants at Pet stores?

Nowadays, it is easy to raise Fish and prepare them well for your Aquarium with the right equipment.

You can go directly to the Stores near your home or find a reputable place voted for by many customers to order online.

But there is one more important thing is that when deciding to buy aquatic plants for the Aquarium, you should find a team of consultants at that Store to ask for aquatic plants that are suitable for the breed of Fish you are raising.  microaquaticshop

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