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Beginners Guide

Basic Guide on Caring For Your Bonsai Aquarium Tree

by Micro Aquatic Shop 20 May 2021 0 Comments

Aquarium Decors

Aquariums help improve your home’s ambiance as it enhances your home’s background, living space, Feng Shui, and overall vibe. In fact, vibrant aquascaping goes a long way in increasing your home’s aesthetic appeal and resale value. As such, it’s important to take care of every part of your aquarium so that you can get the most out of your investment. This can be done by adding fish tank decorations, aquatic plants, or even floating rocks, purchased from a trusted aquarium shop in your area.

It’s also worth noting that one of your aquarium’s focal points is the bonsai aquarium tree, which is truly eye-catching and helpful to your aquarium’s health and appearance. Today, Micro Aquatic Shop, the trusted aquarium shop in Australia, shares a beginner’s guide on how you can take care of your bonsai aquarium tree.

Benefits of Bonsai Driftwood Trees

Before we get into the basic guide of taking care of your bonsai driftwood tree, it’s essential to know why they are a major part of your aquarium and helpful for its entire ecosystem. Listed below are some of the key reasons:

  • Keeps Your Aquarium Trendy. In this day and age, bonsai aquarium plants have become an integral part of aquarium landscaping. Fortunately, Bonsai driftwood is a versatile plant that lets landscapers have a great degree of flexibility over customizing their aquarium landscaping due to the many colors and sizes available at their disposal. It also can be tailor-made to fit unique needs that some aquarium owners may require. Bonsai has become a timeless design addition in aquascaping since they seamlessly create a natural scene, showcasing the beauty of aquatic life at full display.

  • Helps Reduce Aquarium PH Level. Similar to other fish tank plants, bonsai driftwood helps reduce the water’s PH level by gradually softening it due to the tannic acid. Tannic acid is a natural compound produced by bonsai which helps reduce your water’s PH level. Additionally, bonsai plants are a great addition since they make your water look more natural, akin to that of water flowing through a river.

  • Taking Care of Aquarium

    How to Take Care of Your Bonsai Aquarium Trees

    Here are some simple actions you can follow to ensure that your bonsai aquarium trees are always in good condition. 

    Take Note of Your Aquarium Water Changes 

    Taking note of water changes are arguably one of the most important tasks of regular aquarium maintenance plans. Here are a few details you’ll have to take into account:

    • Make sure that you change 10 to 15 percent of your aquarium’s water volume every week.
    • Ensure that the temperature of the new and old aquarium water is equal, or almost equal.
    • Don’t fully replace the water inside your aquarium.
    • Clean your aquarium fixtures, such as the floating rocks, aquarium mosses, decorative gravel, and polish your aquarium’s glass surface when you’re changing out the aquarium water.

    Fish Tank Filters

    Make Sure Your Filter is in Good Condition

    While aquarium filters might be a lowkey component, they are one of the most important fixtures due to the functions they perform. This is especially true if you have fishes and other kinds of aquarium plants, like bonsai driftwood that you want to take care of. Your filter cleans the water of debris, eliminates the toxic buildup of compounds like ammonia and nitrates, and oxygenates the water so that your fish and plants can utilize quality water. 

    When you’re having your aquarium filter serviced, make sure that it’s completely rinsed once a month. The new filter devices should be cleaned with tap water at room temperature before installing them in the filtration system. Make sure that you read the instruction manual so that you can replace it properly, or take note of any special instructions from the filter manufacturer.

    Plants on Driftwood

    Plant Attached on the Driftwood

    Finally, now that your aquarium is all set to accommodate your new bonsai driftwood plants, make sure that you purchase quality bonsai from your trusted aquarium shop. A few good examples of selections we recommend are Java moss, Java ferns, and Anubias. They also come in different sizes and styles, such as Nature Root Style, centerpieces, Fantasy forest, and more.

    With that said, you can fully enjoy your bonsai driftwood as long as you regularly take care of them. When you’re looking for any of your aquarium needs, Micro Aquatic Shop is the name that you can trust. We promise to take care of your needs, just like we do with thousands of our customers. We’re happy whenever we see our customers happy. We’ll also gladly help you by guiding you on the best options that are suitable for your home’s aquarium. If you have any concerns or queries, you can always contact us at (02) 8320 3037.

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