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Shrimps 101

Amazing Freshwater Shrimp Pictures

by Alexcel Lorin John Collaborator 08 Aug 2020 0 Comments

There are a lot of pictures that will appear on a single search however, only a few can capture perfect moments and it cannot be repeated even if the subject is just the same. Here are examples of perfectly captured cherry shrimp pictures that are shot at the right angle and at a perfect time. Shrimps have enormous beauty at its little size than most people could imagine. It is fascinating to show highlights of shrimps look like in a photoshoot, not like professional models but simply the way how the shrimps carry on with its life inside the fish tank. 

It is also great to have a sight of how colors show an attractive difference in variation of every species there is when the shrimps are already inside the fish tank. 

These random photos are truly remarkable and all credits go to the owners of these pictures taken with such artistry and true talent not everybody possesses. So prepare to get awe by these beauties in a parade of great and awesome pictures dedicated to shrimps in all its glory.


I am mighty and strong, but I look handsome too!
Photo Credits to Chris Lukhaup
I may look yummy but I am still pretty much alive! 
Credits to WildFishTanks Youtube Channel
Will you turn the camera off? I am very much violated and humiliated! I will sue you!
Credits to agamerswife website
Walks in the park be like, cherry shrimp version
Credits to spec-tanks website
Christmas is never the same with shrimp on top of the tree!
Credits to fishlore website
Today is Black Friday! Sale Sale Sale
Credits to entnemdept website
United Shrimp Nation
Photo Credits to Chris Lukhaup
This is way better than the snowball!
This photoshoot is killing me, I have to balance the heck of me!
Photo Credits to Chris Lukhaup
Ben the two of us need love no more, you got a friend me!
Photo Credits to Chris Lukhaup
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