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NutriPad- Nutrition base for Aquatic Plants ( Small )

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NutriPad - Nutrition growing medium for rhizome plants such as ( bucephalandra, ferns, anubias plants,  aquatic moss, .. ) . Also can be used as root fertiliser. 

NutriPad is a growing medium for aquatic plants, it dissolves a fixed amount of nutrients every day. Lining NutriPad the bottom of the aquarium as base fertilizer, putting next to aquatic plants as stool fertilizer, putting it in the filter box as liquid fertilizer. Whichever way you use it, it dissolves a fixed amount of nutrients every day without being affected by external conditions.

NutriPad does not affect pH, kH or gH. It is particularly clean and can be used up to 5-6 months (depend on the usage) before the nutrients run out and it will stay as the growing medium for your precious aquatic plants. 

Size : 4 x 1.5 cm 

Image by Tran Tin 


Benefit : 

  • Promotes lush growth of aquarium plants
  • Contains iron
  • Develops strong roots
  • Safe for use with tropical fish, shrimps and aquarium invertebrates 
  • For use in freshwater planted aquariums
  • Promotes strong root development 
  • Contains key essential nutrients to stimulate plant growth 
  • Gets new plants off to a good start and keeps established plants flourishing



Do not break or damage the protective layer.

Put NutriPad at the bottom of the tank with a dose of 1 piece for 20 liters of water.

Please notice the suitable NutriPad amount to avoid excess nutrient.

*Plants are not include  


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NutriPad- Nutrition base for Aquatic Plants ( Small )
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