ViTaTM - Multi-vitamin for your Aquatic Plants

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Although often considered too difficult for the beginning hobbyist, planted aquariums are actually ideal for the beginner. The sheer number of factors required for plant growth and health may seem daunting at first.

ViTaTM is Supplementation encompasses organic nutrients with multi-vitamins, as well as micro and trace elements (such as iron, manganese, nickel, and cobalt)

However, this nutrient is not necessary using much and can not replace uses as liquid fertilizers. The best effect for ferns, bucep and some kind of cutting plants.


+ Stimulate growing of root plants.

+ Protect plants by changing environment

+ Increase of photosynthetic and metabolically for plants

How to use:

1 drop mixed 10-20L water.

The 1st week: 3 days / time

And 1 – 2 week later for the next time.

Notice: This supplementation just effect increase metabotically for plants, so you need to use fertilizers and take care of your plants.



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Customer Reviews

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Kirsty L.
Good stuff

The plants seem to love it, there is new growth already

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ViTaTM - Multi-vitamin for your Aquatic Plants
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