Emperor Tetra - Nematobrycon palmeri

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Emperor Tetra

✅ Size: 3 cm

✅ Emperor Tetra is a small, peaceful freshwater fish, commonly available in the aquarium hobby. Emperor tetras are considered to be one of the best fish for community tanks, and they do well with most species of non-aggressive fish.

✅ Emperor tetras should always be kept in groups of at least six, but ideally, should be kept in groups of ten or more. When kept in larger groups, these fish exhibit impressive shoaling behavior and have lower levels of stress.

✅ Emperor Tetras are quite easy to sex, with the males being larger and more colorful than the females. The males will develop a longer anal fin and more pointed dorsal and caudal fins as they mature. Also, another easy way to differentiate the sexes is that the male’s irises are blue around the pupil, while the female’s are a green coloration.

  • Minimum Tank Size: 20 Gallons (76 Liters)
  • Care Level: Very Easy
  • Water Conditions: 5.0-7.5 pH and Soft to Moderately Hard
  • Temperature: 75-82°F (24-28°C)
  • What We Like About This Fish:

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