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Algae Eater For Sale

Everything you need to know about algae eaters 

No matter how beautifully you decorate your aquarium, algae are always there to ruin your heaven. It will start forming at any corner of the fish tank making it sure that your decorative moss die and all your design and your money goes in vain. The easiest way of stopping this is simply putting some algae eater in your aquarium. Lots of such popular fishes are available in online stores. You can buy from those stores and there you will get instructions on how and when you can put those fish in your aquarium. But before you step out buying any fish for your aquarium, you need to prepare it for the algae eater

Choose the aquarium properly 

You need to understand how many fish will be there and which type of moss you are going to set up in your aquarium. Depending all these points you need to choose your aquarium. These fishes grow in a faster manner and hence you need to provide big aquarium for them. From 20 gallon to 75 gallon aquarium is good for most of the algae eaters. You can keep your aquarium on a hard cabinet so that it doesn’t shake much. There should be a power source really close the aquarium which will provide an adequate amount of oxygen or light when it is needed for the algae eater. 

How do they work and what they eat?

With the suckers in their mouth, they tend to scrape the bottom of the fish tank and sides of the tank. They eat every type of algae present in the tank. Some fish also eat pelleted foods. Such food supplements are available online. You can buy them from online pet shops. You can also buy them some algae disks available in those shops. Occasionally feed them fresh kale and Zucchini as well. Generally they search for food on their own. If they are new to your tank, they may take some time to adjust and during that phase, you need to provide them an adequate amount of food. 

How to keep them healthy?

You need to keep your algae eater healthy. If you see any abdominal swelling, discoloration of body, scraping tail along any stone, wrong pattern of swimming, decreasing appetite etc, you should definitely consult a vet ASAP. 

Water testing needed

Water testing is important on a daily basis. When you include any fish to your tank, the ph balance changes. You need to take care of it. After taking the algae eater to your home, you need to make sure that it cope with the temperature of the aquarium. So put the fish along with the plastic in the tank. Let it adjust itself with the tank temperature for 15 to 20 minutes, then release it in the main aquarium. Do not pour all the water from its previous place. Try to use a net while releasing the algae eater to its new home. Try to release 3 fishes together and not more than that. 

Some popular algae eaters:

  • Siamese Algae eater is the best and most effective one available in the market. This beautiful fish works relentlessly and eats any left over available in the tank. They tend to have 2 inch long body and they are very fast in pace. If you put many Siamese at the same place they will behave as territorial. Other than that they can keep harmony with other fish of the tank. They can live in any aquarium and in any temperature. They do need a lot of oxygen to live but they are easy going in other means. 
  • Any kind of catfish is a good algae eater. But the Whiptail catfish is the best one among them. They are around 20 cm long and they have a huge appetite. They can eat a lot of algae across the day. This fish like other sturdy fish in the same tank. So if you are looking for a stress free tank in your house, try to put some same fish with sturdiness in the tank. Whiptail catfish loves to hide a lot and that’s why you need to create bushes in your tank. They have a huge camouflage technique going on. So you cannot locate them in the tank easily.
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