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Have you seen the magnificence of "Red Dragon"?

by JennyAquarium 31 May 2023 0 Comments

Have you seen the magnificence of "Red Dragon"?

The interesting things we want to share with you right now will not surprise you because they are related to glass cleaner fish. But it will absolutely surprise you because this is one of the fish that are worthy of your possession, as well as a very Magical beauty that will leave you speechless from the first minute.



This is super Red Bristlenose is a glass Cleaning Fish that has the following qualities: peaceful living, eating algae and excess debris in the Aquarium, gentle living, only living and moving mainly on the bottom of the lake. Most adults are around 4 inches long. You don't have to have a big aquarium to own one; you just need to create a comfortable space, provide enough privacy, and provide the right food. You just need to fulfill the above conditions.

The appearance when swimming and surfing in the lake will make you feel like you are lost in the world of fairyland in mythical stories. Their long fins sway in the Lake, as if they are traveling and bring good luck to those who see them. So owning a Super Red Bristlenose will be interesting, giving your home a "luxury" perspective with aristocratic style and fortune.


Is merely beauty sufficient?

The Super Red Bristlenose's beauty is their strength, but their determination is something we must also admire.

This Bristlenose Dragon, like relatives in the Glass Cleaning Genealogy, can clear up algae, moss, and debris on the Lake, both sides of the Lake, and all small corners in the Aquarium.

So you may be confident that this Bristlenose Dragon will be the "Assistant" as well as the destroyer of the Algae detritus in your aquarium.

You don't believe it? Please visit this page to discover more about the strength of this Super Red: 



Super Red Bristlenose plecos are peaceful fish and can be kept with other peaceful fish in a community tank. But it will be even better if you equip them with some ideal hiding places so that they have enough hiding space. Super Red Bristlenose plecos are relatively easy to care for. The Aquarium only needs to be kept in water that is between 72 and 78 degrees F and contains no rocks, plants, or driftwood. Then everyone will create an ideal space for them.

Some ideas for Super Red Bristlenose plants:

Super Red loves to lie down or swim through rocks and trees with round foliage. And Anubias Barteri will become the perfect choice for them, perfect for their needs.

There is still one more category that you should not ignore, and that is:


What about the meals of Super Red Bristlenose?

The fact that this Bristlenose is not choosy means that it can flourish on a well-balanced diet. All you have to do is feed them algae, vegetables, pellets, and occasionally raw food. Simply put, it is quick and easy, and Super Red will always swim in front of you, healthy and happy.

What about the spawn of the Super Red Bristlenose?

In the correct conditions, they can easily reproduce. Because most of these fish spawn in tunnels or other enclosed spaces, having plenty of hiding spots in the aquarium is essential.

Finally, all you have to do is contact us for a free consultation: 

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