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Bonsai Driftwood

Trees for your fishy friends!

by Allyson Dillera Collaborator 21 Aug 2020 0 Comments

Adding Japanese traditional flare to your aquascape, with a twist. Bonsai is the art form of creating perfect miniature representations of regular trees, it takes years of experience and training to execute. Some bonsai trees are centuries of years old and are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. So I forgive you if you've never thought of them being aquarium friendly. Bonsai driftwood on the contrary are pieces of driftwood painstakingly hand crafted to emulate the beauty and complexity of its terrestrial counterpart.



A bonsai driftwood is an amazing addition to any tank set up, it has a multitude of benefits without any drawback. It’s quick and easy to set up, it provides your fish, shrimp or other aquatic pets a place to hide, play or rest, it is one-hundred percent natural with no pesky chemicals included, it will probably last longer than your tank, and to top it off, driftwood contains tannic acid which lowers the waters kh level, hence lower your tanks ph level.

These stunning aquatic trees don’t start out looking so green and lush. They begin they’re journey as plain pieces of driftwood, like a blank canvas ready for the artist’s brush strokes.



And just like how a painter needs paint to finish a portrait, we need moss and other aquatic plants to really bring this bonsai driftwood to life. Some plant species that would go well with these tiny trees are Anubias, Bucephalandra, Ferns and aquatic moss.



Mosses are a non-vascular plant that produces spores instead of seeds for reproduction, and they also don’t grow wood, flowers or true roots. Aquatic mosses are perfect for making your bonsai driftwood’s leaves. Different types of moss have different growing patterns, they can be shaped and trimmed anyway you want.


Anubias is an aquatic/semi-aquatic flowering plant species native to central and western Africa. They are usually found in streams and rivers, but can sometimes grow in bogs and marshes. Anubias is a hardy plant, it is easy to care for, and they have beautiful leaves. They’ll make an excellent plant to add to the base of your bonsai driftwood, but since anubias don’t need to be planted in aquarium substrate you can attach the directly to your driftwood to simulate foliage.



Bucephalandra is part of a family of flowering plants that has thirty different species contained within it. Bucephalandra is predominantly found in Borneo, growing on rocks in streams and rivers of the islands dense tropical forest. Just like the anubias plant, brucephalandra can either be used as foliage or as other features on your bonsai driftwood.

The bonsai driftwood (driftwood bonsai) is a unique and fun addition to any aquascape. It’s for all tank sizes, big and small! It’s great for all your underwater pets! For shrimps, for fish, for crabs, for great white sharks, and even for a big blue whale, if you can find.

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