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Bonsai Driftwood

Bonsai Aquascape - Aquascaping Bonsai Step By Step Guide

by Allyson Dillera 10 Oct 2019 0 Comments

Bonsai Aquascape

Aquascaping Bonsai Step By Step

Bonsai Aquascape

Having underwater plantation in your home is the best idea to inculcate nature in your hectic lifestyle. Though planting Bonsai in your home is not a rocket science, still, you need to carefully select perfect elements to develop a natural aquatic habitat. Here are the simple and affordable steps to pursue:

1. Selection of Tank

You need to first of all select the appropriately sized tank, for aquascaping your bonsai. The size of the tank depends upon the size of driftwood or bonsai you have. You don't need to go for a large-sized aquarium, you can even plant your Aqua Bonsai in a small fish tank. 

Aquascaping Bonsai2. Adding required Elements

In your tank, add ADA bacteria, sprinkle it throughout the surface evenly, now in one/fourth section of your tank place ADA Congo Sand and few mini landscape rocks. Add some small pebbles, and spread them over the rocks and congo sand. Now evenly spread Fiji sand throughout the aquarium, covering 1/5th level including the pebbles and rocks of the aquarium.


3. Design Bonsai

To design, the perfect bonsai tree, in reasonable budget get a superfish bonsai driftwood tree, and weeping moss, and carefully plant weeping moss on the driftwood, by spreading it thoroughly. Now carefully place the Bonsai on top of the sand, above the rock. 


4. Add Remaining Elements

After all, elements have settled, gradually, to supply fresh water from one side of the tank. And fill it up to the utmost level. Create a landscape for Bonsai, by adding mini landscape rocks and spread them evenly around the Bonsai. Now spread the remaining granules and pebbles throughout the aquarium. Again add some Fiji sand on top of the pebbles and spread evenly.

Finally, attach the Co2 machine and power on the supply of Co2. Add liquid minerals and nutrients into the tank. You can look for the steps in the video below


5. Regular Maintenance Check

Plantation of your Aqua Bonsai Tree has been done but you need to apply constant efforts to sustain the ecological balance of your aquarium. These practices include an adequate supply of light which should be 8 hours a day and change the water at least a week.

The method to aquascape a Bonsai, in your home aquarium is quite simple. We aim to provide you the best solutions for maintaining a healthy aquatic surrounding in your place. The elements included in the steps are affordable and safest to utilize. Go for the best and sustainable aquatic solutions.

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