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Bonsai Driftwood

Stunning Bonsai Plant Ideas for Fish Tanks

by Micro Aquatic Shop Collaborator 09 Aug 2020 0 Comments

It is stunning to see how people make use of bonsai plants to a fish tank where it serves as a balancer for its ecosystem, food for the marine animals, and good decoration. If fishes are pretty, live aquatic plants add to the beauty of the fish tank where it creates a more relaxing nature vibe. It takes great patience to maintain a good fish tank however, it takes much creativity to use bonsai as part of the maintenance. So take time to check these amazing bonsai planted fish tanks: 


This is a good design where driftwood has been added moss which makes a tree-like effect in the plains and added a great appearance to this fish tank

aqua bonsai aquarium

Credits to aquamandesign


This design is well thought of using driftwood and java moss to enhance the driftwood to appear as if it is really growing as alive

Credits to Nickson Marpaung


This representation is causing an illusion where the fish tank looks farther away and the size of the tank is added

Credits to aquamandesign


Another piece of driftwood combined with moss as minimal greens to highlight design

Credits to aquamandesign

 One of the best-designed tank showing minimal greens like java moss and rocks put together to the marriage of design and ingenuity 

Credits to Filipe Oliveira

 A mangrove which is just normally found on saltwater but here it is the centerpiece of the fish tank

Credits to theunstitchd

 This a combination of driftwood and annubias as well as sword plant looking pretty together

Credits to Amazon Website

 This design is a combination of driftwood and sword plant which is not typical to be combined with each other but it is made possible through this design

Credits to blog.naver

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