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How To Attach Moss To Your Aquarium Driftwood

by Allyson Dillera 29 Sep 2017 0 Comments

How To Attach Moss To Driftwood

How to attach moss to driftwood

With no roots to care for, Moss is a mere inclusion to a freshwater aquarium. Placing it on driftwood spruces up your fish tank, but the moss would not stay on for more time if it is not attached. You will anchor it using string rocks, the wood itself, or even any adhesive.


The right knots here and there keep java moss attached to driftwood like algae to the glass. Fine thread works perfectly because by the time it dissolves it has already latched itself to the driftwood. You can also take the help of strings, thin ropes or fine fishing line.

You do not need to tie ten different knots. One piece of string wrapped around the centre of the java moss and piece of driftwood works fine. If one end of the moss starts to float up or away from the driftwood, you can bind that side down too.

You have to ensure that the thread is not overly tight but is secure enough that it would not float away when a snail sweeps over it or the current blows past it.

Super Glue: 

Try as it might, moss would not have any chance of floating if you have super glued it to your driftwood. Superglue has one significant disadvantage; you need to take out the piece of driftwood from your aquarium to glue on the moss if you do not use a driftwood piece.

After you have taken actual driftwood from your tank, blot it with a paper towel, apply few tiny drops of super glue to the wood, and instantly attach the centre of the moss to the spot. If you have a big piece of java moss, you may want to glue down the ends also.

The driftwood can be somewhat wet; you just do not want it to drip. Wait for some time before you place the driftwood back in your aquarium. I would recommend using a gel form super glue instead of the liquid form.

Superglue might discolour your wood where it is applied, but the moss usually grows over the marred area and hides it.

Weigh it down: 

Weighing down your moss is not a bright option to employ by itself, but it works fine if you glue or tie your moss to the wood. The idea is clear; place a few tiny pebbles or rocks on top of the moss to weigh it down. You will apparently need to adjust the rocks consistently, especially if your tank has snails, who will likely displace them.

Natural Look:

If you do not want to play around with string, glue or pebbles, consider opting for a natural look. Most driftwood has small gashes, holes, rugged areas and additional features that lend well to affixing java moss to it.

Work the moss into the indentations, around little knots and bumps, inside crevices or any place that helps anchor the moss until it widens and grips the wood on its own.

If you have high water flow, or snails or large fish, this method might not work up to your expectations.

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