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Bonsai Driftwood

Bonsai Tree Aquascape Methods & Supplement - Step By Step Guide

by Allyson Dillera 04 Oct 2019 0 Comments

Bonsai Tree Aquascape Methods & Supplements

Bonsai Tree Aquascape

Bonsai Trees are quite a popular and trendy cultivating culture that originated in Japan. This favoured cultivation art is now increasing its scope. People have started planting it in aquariums and fish tanks, which look elegant and classy.

Bonsai Tree Aquascape

Though the technique of growing Bonsai in aquatic conditions is quite tricky, it was first found by a Japanese company, named NISSO in 1999. This concept first started with small glass pots and then stretched to large aquariums and pools. The proper ecosystem having small plants, requires an adequate supply of CO2 and light to maintain it.



Method to Aquascaping

The scientific process to grow plants in aquatic conditions is called 'Hydroponic Growing'. This process helps the roots to survive in underwater conditions where they have less contact with soil. To grow an aqua Bonsai or do aquascaping, one needs to be careful and adhere to certain guidelines:

  1. Water filtration is a must, water should be changed regularly. This is important to prevent the growth of algae.
  2. To provide nutrients to the water, with each filtration, an adequate amount of liquid nutrients are required to be supplied in water.
  3. There are multiple ways through which you can maintain the alluring gaze of an aquarium, you can use bonsai driftwood, which gives a rustic appearance and also add sand granules to make it more classic.


        To sustain the stability of your home aquarium's Ecosystem, you need to set proper natural elements in your aquarium which will include underwater plants, soil supply, required liquid nutrients, and adequate microbes to perform photosynthetic functions.

        For AquaBonsai's, the ecological system needs to have a balanced supply of lighting, the temperature which should be around 24 degrees C and proper supply of carbon dioxide with regular cleansing of the tank.

        Best Ecological Supplements

        For maintaining the ambience of your aquarium or fish tank, we have listed some exquisite ecological supplements which will enhance the life span and growth of your planted tank. These supplements are desirable for small fish tank holders and large aquarium holders.

        • Aquarium Driftwood with distinct sizes
        • Carib sea Naturals Aquarium Sand
        • Flourite Black Sand
        • Fiji sand
        • Java Moss-Underwater plant
        • Cryptocoryne-Underwater plant
        • Underwater gravels & nutrients.

        All these supplements give a graceful look to your tank and supply healthy surroundings to your underwater bonsai plantation. This valuable investment will show returns in the form of a well maintained and beautifying natural habitat.

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